West Cork History


Lawyers, Court Officials and Para Legals Co Cork and Cork City from 1300.

This is compiled from diverse sources including the admission books of the four London Inns of Court, Kings Inns Admission papers dn details from the Registry of Deeds Project. It is not comprehensive. The figure of the pre mid 19th century Attorney in his various manifestations is elusive. Sometimes they are to be found in the Kings Inns papers but many details are lost probably in the destruction of Irish Records in the Public Records Office in 1922.

A number of themes are apparent, some families such as the Galweys, Gould, Coppingers survive almost 800 years in the profession undergoing changes in language and religion.

Pre 1650 the names as of Danish, Norman and Gaelic origin from the Planter (Predominantly English wiht some Scots and Huguenot). As the Inns records give the mother’s name and also…

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