A member of the extended family Rickard Deasy led the National Farmers Association in the 1960s and led the famous march in protest at farmer’s plight from Bantry to Dublin. Some time ago that march 50 years on was replicated.

His son also Rickard promoted dairy development among Tanzanian farmers in the 1970s unfortunately when it was given to local authorities corruption ensured that all was lost within a few short years at great cost to the Irish Taxpayer.

Deasy/O’Donovan Political Machine:


Cork Magistrates:


Election Address of Rickard Deasy, of Clonakilty Brewing Family, 1854, Later elected MP and Attorney General for Ireland and Judge, with a Listing of his election Committee,

Deasy was part of a network of wealthy Catholic Landowners and Professionals an Liberal Protestants. In is case there were many bonds of family by marriage, his sister was married to Doctor Daniel O’Donovan of Norton Cottage, Skibbereen a brother of his agent Timothy O’Donovan of O’Donovan’s Cove in Durrus. He was also related by marriage to the Protestant Clerkes of Skibbereen Liberal Protestants.

This is the address of Rickard Deasy Queen’s Counsel to the electors in April 1855 and it is as follows: –

To the Independent Electors of the County of Cork, Gentlemen:

Your late representative having received from her Majesty the manifestations of royal favour to which his long service as member of your important County entitled to. I beg to leave the solicitor on a revere suffered for the seat which has now become vacant.

Connected as I am to this county by birth and family association I confidently ground by claim to your support upon the identity between our political feelings, and the practical knowledge which I have acquired of your … interest through my professional intercourse with you. In the event of my election I shall endeavour to obtain for the attendant farmers foreign security for their improvements which has been promised to them by successive governments but from which they unjustly depart. I have been a strenuous advocate for a liberal and truly national party, which I will secure to all the subjects of the realm, the unfettered exercise of their religious rights and I will resist any attempt to upset the settlement by act of parliament by which the late Sir Robert Peel secured the endowment of Maynooth. Holding as I do the conviction that the existence of the Established Church, as it is presently constituted, is the principles of Religious Freedom of which I have been the contentious advocate. I shall gladly support any welcomed project to put an end to this monstrous grievance of Ireland.

Although as of yet we have succeeded in resisting the insulting efforts to invade the privacy and the character of our conventional institution, still we must not relax in vigilantly defending the establishment contained within their walls our nearest villages, where our mothers and our sisters have imbibed the religious and moral principles, which form the happiness of the democratic optimistic circle and which has sent forth the heroic ladies whose exertions in the hospital to the east have mitigated the suffering of our brave soldiers and gained the admiration of the whole world.

Many questions of a material interest at present occupy the public mind and are before parliament such as reform of the pole house, alterations to the grand jury system, a thorough revision of local taxation and the extension of railway communication throughout your county. To all these I cordially invite my best abilities and professional expertise. Within the remit of the address, it is impossible to enter a … in the public interest and between this and the election to wait personally as many electors of the great extent of this county shall permit have the honour to be gentlemen your obedient servant.

Rickard Deasy, Queen’s Counsel, Cork, April 4th 1855

Election Address of Rickard Deasy, of Clonakilty Brewing Family, 1854, Later elected MP and Attorney General for Ireland and Judge, with a Listing of his election Committee,
Mr. Deasy’s Election Committee: –

2. Daniel Clanchy JP, Charleville

3. James Murphy JP, Mahon Castle, Brewing, Distilling family.

4. William Fitzjames Barry JP, Glandoreson of Redmond Barry, Fishery Commissioner.

5. Timothy O’Donovan JP, O’Donovan’s Cove, Durrus, Landlord adn Magistrate.

6. Reverend William O’Connor, PP, Courcies

7. Henry Hassett JP, Bandon

8. Reverend J. Beechinor PP, Newmarket

9. Luke Joseph JP, Rennies

10. Reverend Morgan Madden PP, Clonakilty

11. Anthony Guerin JP, Rushmount

12. Reverend P. Hartnett PP, Kilmaine

13. Reverend M. Drew JP, Queenstown

14. Reverend Edmund Murphy PP, Banteer

15. Eugene O’Neill MD JP, Mitchelstown

16. Reverend John F. Falvey PP, Glanmire

17. Edward O’Brien JP, Mitchelstown

18. Very Reverend Michael O’Hea PP, Ross

19. Daniel McCarthy JP, Rathroe

20. Reverend Thomas Croke PP, Charleville

21. Henry Hardiman JP, Fernville

22. Reverend D. O’Sullivan PP, Enniskeen

23. Reverend Timothy O’Donovan PP, Desertserges

24. John O’Neill MD, Fermoy

25. Reverend Charles Davis PP, Grenagh

26. William Galway, Kilcolman

27. Thomas St. John Clarke, Cornea (Skibbereen), one branch married to Mccarthy all Protestant prominent in Tasmania.

28. Michael O’Brien, Mitchelstown

29. John Callaghan, Midleton

30. John Mullally, Cloyne

31. Daniel Welby, Skibbereen

32. Daniel Dennehy, Fermoy ealy Catholic Magistrates.

33. Joseph Welby, Macroom

34. Richard V. Roche, Killuntin

35. John Deasy, Bushmount

36. Williams Adams, Shanbally Lodge

37. Thomas Callaghan, Midleton

38. James Hardy, Cork

39. Denis McCarthy Gallway, Greenfield one of family later Chief Justice Natal.

40. Nicholas Murphy, Midleton extended brewing distilling family.

Mr. Alexander McCarthy’s Committee: –

1. John McCarthy O’Leary DL JP

2. D. Cronin Colesman JP

3. Charles Sugrue JP

4. Reverend C. Buckley PP, Buttevant

5. James Morrough JP, Old Court

6. Reverend Mr. Dillworth PP, Kilworth

7. Reverend David Horgan PP, Ballincollig

8. James Miniher JP

9. Reverend Mr. Corkoran PP, Tracton

10. John McCarthy Esq., Rathduine

11. John Harold Barry JP

12. William Fagan MP, DL JP

13. Alexander F. McNamara JP

14. Patrick Barry Esq.

15. Samuel Oppington, HC, Orrery and Kilmore

16. David Cagney JP probably descendant of Sir Teague O’Regan of Leap to whose descendants land was restored by Chichester House early 1710s

17. John Sugrue MP

18. Henry Barry Esq.

19. Patrick Ford Esq.

20. Michael Cagney Esq.

21. Michael Hayes Esq.

22. James Murrough JP

23. Florence McCarthy Esq., Rosscarbery, attorney and seneschal.

24. Denis McCarthy Esq., Woodview

25. Robert McCarthy Esq., Kanturk

26. Reverend Mr. Cullinane R.C.A., Fermoy