West Cork History

From University of Southhampton, archive.

Docref=WP1/179/90 Letter from the Reverend F.Tisdall to Major General Sir Arthur Wellesley, informing him of Mr. Canning’s support for his request for an exchange of livings, 21 December 1807

Letter from the Reverend Fitzgerald Tisdall, Dublin, to Major General Sir Arthur Wellesley: as his professional duty requires him to lose no time in reaching his residence at Crookhaven, in the extremity of County Cork, almost two hundred miles from Dublin, on or before the following Thursday [24 December 1807], and he fears he would not be able to procure an audience with Wellesley that day, he has adopted this mode of addressing him, and will state his reason for so doing.

A few days previously, he had occasion to wait on Mr. Secretary Canning (to whom he has the honour of being closely related) in London, in order to negotiate, through his interference, an exchange…

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