West Cork History

From Trinity College/Circle.

Patent Roll 5 Richard II

14 Jan. 1382

APPOINTMENT of William Sygyn and John Galvy1 as admirals in all ports within co. Cork, with power to arrest all ships, boats and vessels, and to arrest all mariners and masters, and other defensible men of that county, to fight with God’s aid the lineage of the Hinderscoles [O’Driscolls], Irish enemies, who constantly remain upon the western ocean; with power to amerce refractory persons and to the spend the amercements on the wars.2


NAI, Lodge MS 21, p. 39; RCH.


Hardiman, Statute of the fortieth year of King Edward III, p. 35 note.


1 RCH reads ‘Galny’.
2 The record as given by Lodge is reproduced in full in Herbert Wood (ed.), ‘The Public Records…

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