1826, United Parishes of Durrus and Muintervara, The Rev,. Richard Quinn P.P. begs leave to offer his most Respectful Thanks to to the Right Reverend Dr. Murphy, Lord Carbery, and the undermentioned Ladies and Gentlemen by which he has been enable to nearly complete two churches in the United Parishes. Right Rev. Dr. Murphy £10, (Bishop of Cork)
Lord Carbery £3.3, (Landlord, Ballycomane),
Mrs. Baldwin £10,
Mrs. O’Donovan, O’Donovan’s Cove £40, (Landlord)
Rev Alcock, £2, (Vicar)
R. Evanson Esq., Four Mile Water, £1, (Landlord)
D Macguillcuddy Esq., £3,
Dr O’Donovan, O’Donovan Cove, £5, (Doctor father of Doctor Donovan, author of History of Carbery)
William Wise Esq., £2, ( Cork Distilling Family)
Charles Evanson, Esq  ( Former Lord Mayor of Cork, born Durrus, Douglas), £2.2,
William Beamish, Esq., £5.5,
Jeremiah Murphy, Esq., £10,
James Murphy Esq., £3.3
Daniel Murphy Esq., £1,
Nicholas Murphy Esq., £1.10,
John Murphy Esq., £1
Alexander O’Driscoll. Esq., Clover Hill, £2.2,  Middleman on Mizen)
T O’Donovan, Glanlough Cottage, £5, (Landlord)
T O’Donovan, Esq., £5, Rossquinough (Rosnacaheragh), (Landlord)
Richard O’Donovan Esq., O’Donovan’s Cove, £3, (Landlord)
Captain O’Donovan, Killbrinogue £1.1 (Last of The Irish Brigade Half Pay officer died 1826)
Richard Levins (Levis) Esq., £1.11 (Possibly substantial farmer Mizen)
Timothy Sullivan, Esq., Bantry £2