1835.  1st Report From His Majesty’s Commission For Inquiring Into the Condition of The Poorer Classes in Ireland.  Begging, Impotence Through Old Age, Sick Poor, Able Bodies Out of work, Vagrancy, Evidence taken at Ballydehob, West Cork, from Rev. James Barry, Parish Priest, Rev. John Barry, Curate, Rev. John Triphook, Protestant Minister, John Brooks, Farmer, £1 rent, Alexander English Churchwarden, James Levis, farmer, Rent £33, Cornelius Mahony, Labourer, Patrick Mahony, Farmer, £10, James Mahony, John Murphy, Daniel Sullivan all labourers and Quarrymen, Thomas Swanton, James Swanton, Merchant, Sweetnam, Dispensary Surgeon, Richard Salter Farmer, Farmer Rent £14. Begging starts St. Patrick’s Day, Destitution of Bandon Weavers, Maimed Children, Absentee Landlords Take £6,000 a Year From Parish Subscribe £3 to Dispensary, Sick lie on Knotted Ferns.

Pages 682-686.

Impotence Through Old Age p 266-267:

Sick Poor p 339-340:

Able Bodied out of Work p 457:

Vagrancy p 682-: