Irish Methodist Genealogy

RJM was born in Wexford town and was initially stationed on the Ballyshannon and Pettigo Circuit. His first ‘appointment’ happened to be in a large kitchen completely filled with people from the fireplace to the door. In all the farmhouses where the preachers lodged and preached there could be found suspended behind the entrance a cow’s horn or a tin trumpet. This was used for calling the congregation together. It was first sounded about an hour before the service and then about 30 minutes later.

To get there a number of the young people had to cross a broad and rapid stream so they arrived without shoes or stockings. They also carried poles which were needed to ford the river. After the service some remained to sing favourite hymns. The young people also wanted to hear stories of Methodists in the south of Ireland, the ’98, the massacre on the…

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