Subscribers to Skibbereen, West Cork, Relief Fund, April 1863, Honorary Secretaries Rev. Charles Davis RCA, Rev O. McCutcheon (Methodist), Henry R. Marmion, Right Rev Dr. O’Hea (Bishop), McCarthy Downing (Solicitor and later MP), Sir H. W. Beecher (Landlord), H. W. O’Donovan (Landlord), James Hutchinson Swanton (Miller), Henry Newman (Landlord), Mrs McCarthy (Landowner), Glencurra, Messrs Allman Bandon (Distillers), Samuel Rearden (Auctioneer), D M McCartie Senior, Rec. C. Davis, Fitzgibbon and Co Skibbereen (Solicitors), Arnott and Co (Drapers), Henry R Marmion (Auctioneer/Land Agent), Dr. Donovan (Probably author History of Carbery), William Everett, Solicitor, Henry O’Donovan Solicitor, Paul Limrick Coroner, John Hennessey, Rev. John Fitzpatrick P.P., Midleton, John Henry Townsend, Dublin, Provincial Bank per Hugh Loudon, Rev John O’Brien, Rev O McCutcheon, Rev. J Mulcahy,, J. F. Levis (Merchant), Lady Beecher, J.W. Beecher (Landlord), Hollybrook, W. Bailie Senior, John O’Donoghue, Rev J Allen, Rev Dr Keane, Fermoy, Tomkins and Co., Cork, James Swanton Junior (Landlord), Lambkin and Co (Tobacco Manufacturers), George Robinson (Landlord) Coronea, Peter Spillane, Michael Sheehy, Eagle Office (Newspaper).

There was significant distress in the area after the great famine.

From the (Skibbereen) Eagle the descriptions are from other sources and may not be entirely accurate.