A glimpse at the Catholic Gentry, Pre-Marriage Agreement, 1792 Barry to Deasy, Witness Charles McCarthy, Gent., Gortnascreeny, Dunmanway, Co. Cork.



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Memorial No: 293636

Type of deed Date of current deed 17 Apr 1792 Vol Page Menorial
Pre-marriage Date of earlier deed 460 166 293636
No Role(s) in earlier deed(s) Role in current deed(s) Family name Forename Place Occ or title A
1 P2D BARRY Anna Maria of Spinster
2 mentioned BARRY Garrett of Leamara, COR deceased
3 P2D BARRY Mary Ann of Co Cork Widow
4 P4D BARRY Standish of Leamara, COR Esq
5 P4D DEASEY Rickard of London City Merchant
6 P1D DEASY Tim of Barry’s Hall the elder; Gent
7 P1D DEASY Tim of the younger; Gent
8 P3D DONOVAN James of Ardagh, COR MD
9 P3D HUSEY John of Rathkeeny, MEA
10 WD WM MCCARTHY Charles of Gortnascreena, COR Gent
11 WD NUGENT John of Mitchelstown, COR Revd
Abstract Comment for person [1] :presumably the bride; daughter of said Mary Ann & Garrett Barry
Person [2] :
Person [3] :widow & executrix of said Garrett Barry
Person [4] :
Person [5] :
Person [6] :
Person [7] :presumably the groom; eldest son & heir of said Tim Deasy the elder
Person [8] :
Person [9] :Baron of Galtrim
Person [10] :
Person [11] :
MS MS Date registered 30 Aug 1792 Date abstract added 20090710