Irish Methodist Genealogy

One of the first Sunday Schools in Ireland was commenced in the early 1780’s by Rev Dr Kennedy the incumbent of Bright Parish in Co Down. [He was also the principal of a boarding / day school in Downpatrick.] His parish clerk was Thomas Teer and he became one of the teachers.

When the Methodist preachers arrived in the area Thomas, being a strict churchman, had many scruples about going to hear them. His solution was to take his Bible with him and judge their sermons on the basis of Scripture. He was clearly convinced and soon became a zealous Methodist himself.

He settled in Killough where he followed his trade as a tailor. His house was opened for the preachers and, in due course, he became a local preacher. When the split came he threw in his lot with the Primitive Wesleyans and was present at some of their Conferences.


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