Irish Methodist Genealogy

A little chapel was built here as early as 1761 and evidence of it remained into the 20th century.  “The ruins were in the corner of Edward Gibson’s field. The wicker ceiling was made of locally grown sally rods, peeled, interlaced and varnished. Sacking was laid on top of it and the thatch above it.”

However, it was Rev Zechariah Worrell (1760 – 1834) , a poet as well as an itinerant preacher, who was to write the little congregation into the annals of Irish Methodist history. In 1808, when leaving there, after a period of service, he wrote the poem ‘Farewell to Tagherdoo’ (sic) to be sung to the tune of ‘Haste again ye days of grace’. In fourteen verses he praised the Christian commitment and friendship he had experienced there.

Tradition records that his successor was less popular with the people and he sent some lines of his own to his predecessor ‘I…

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