Rent Roll of Irish peerage Families 1729-1883, Stipends of Judges Sitting in the Irish Houses of Lords, Value of Irish Episcopal Sees 18th Century, the Table of Archbishop Parker of Tuam 1674, ‘Daily laden with sixteen dishes for dinner and twelve for supper, with a large variety of wine’.  This is according to William King appointed as chaplain to the Archbishop, instead of his humble fare as a student.

The Bishops were commonly English but made a major contribution to Ireland’s intellectual, architectural history. Included were Narcissus Marsh who built Dublin’s first Endowed Public Library, Henry Jones who donate the Book of Kells to TCD, Archbishop Robinson on Armagh Cathedral, school, hospital.

Courtesy Francis G. James, ‘Lords of the Ascendency, The Irish House of Lords and its members 1600-1800, Irish Academic Press, 1995.

A significant number of the members of the Irish House of Lords were Protestant Bishops of the State Church, that of the Church of Ireland.  Irish Sees were lucrative ranging from £2,000 to £8,000 in the 1770s according to Arthur Young.   The Judges stipends ranged  from the Lord Chancellor on £7,500 to the lesser Judges on £1,150 to £3,250 peer annum.   Their Judicial salaries were presumably additional as were other sources of judicial income.

The value of £1 in 1722 would equate to £19,000 by one estimate nowadays so the rental value of the Petty Estate in Kerry might be worth c €170 Million.

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