Reconstruction of Famine House and outbuildings, with Sean-Fhocals from Aristocle, Skackleton, Skakespeare.Kilcohane, West Cork with Cowlachts, Landing Places on the south side of Bantry Bay Mining areas.

The house has been a labour of love for a man from the district who has a great love ol local traditions.  Like some other houses there is no sigh of a fireplace and when the site was being cleared a lot of external ashes were recovered suggesting that major cooking was doe outside.  The house has a loft which would have been common.  In the early 20th century one of the local families had 1 children who slept on the floor of the loft on straw.

The other house are cowlachts or ruined houses not yet or maybe never to be rebuilt.

The landing places are carved into the side of the cliffs and were hazardous.  This part of Bantry Bay was the scene of numerous marine tragedies in the 19th century.

Another shot hows the locality of the Bantry Bay Slate Quarry which fizzled out in the mid 1860s.