Taken from a dark microfilm quality poor. Skibbereen Eagle, National Library, Dublin.

March 1862, Meeting Flax Society, Colonel Bernard (Bandon), Colonel Beamish, Captain Sealy RN, JF Maguire, Mayor of Cork, Messrs W Thurley, D Cunningham, W Sheehy (Skibbereen), Edward Smyth (Knox Mills), W Dowman, Offer by Peter Riordan, Keilgane, Castleisland to buy Scutching Machine, Discussion of Rowen of Belfast new Scutching machine hint of past failures. proposed meeting with Sir Robert Peel ‘The Organ of the Irish Government’.

Colonel Bernard after he retired from the British Army was involved in managing part of the family estates that of the Earl of Bandon including Durrus.  His competence was questionable and he was fired and replaced by the Wheeler Dohertys of Bandon Solicitors and Land Agents.  Their papers are in the Cork Archives including those of the Bandon

Sheehy was a prominent business and political figure in Skibbereen.

Maguire was probably the founded of the Cork Examiner shortly to pass into the hands of the Crosby family.

At time due to the America Civil War there was no cotton and a brief boom in flax growing ensued.  Some of the previous efforts to promote flax growing had ended n tears.

In the 19th century the world centre of Linen and all associated machinery was Belfast.  Rowans of Belfast:




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