Carbery, Cold, Furze, Horse Islands, Dunmanus Bay, West Cork, part of Becher estate 19th century, Horse and Cold Island no cultivation value consists of right to sea-weed to be had to a considerable extent, Carbery and Furze particularly suited as salt marshes for feeding horses and black cattle, Wintering Place for Horses of Marmions of Skibbereen, Coaching Establishment.

Later in the late 19th century, the Philips of Durrus who also ran a coaching establishment used the small Manion island in Dunmanus Bay about 4 acres fro wintering horses. That island while grazed was cover in narcissi in spring.

When the island was used by horses their grazing enabled the Narcissi to flourish in more recent years the island has become overgrown crowding out the flowers.  Some years ago a large house was built on the island.

The Marmions came from Dundalk to Skibbereen c 1720.  They were prominent land owners, auctioneers, merchants, churchmen.

The Philips of Durrus ran a coaching establishment between Durrus and Bantry until the early years of the 20th century.  Until the 1950s their coaches and carriages rotting in their yard in the village.