Some property sales from 1883 to 1960 Durrus, District, West Cork from newspapers.

Recent research suggests that Irish property prices climaxed in real terms c 1770 and then declined until 1940.

Prior to around 1870 it was common for Irishmen returning from a career abroad in say the British Military of Colonial Service with accumulated savings and Gratuity to purchase a small estate.  The Land Troubles and general decline in agricultural prices terminated this.

South Cork Advertiser, May 1883, Murragh, Mrs Morris, 40a in fee simple can take 10 cows, well drained under Board of Works, sand quay and strand, inexhaustible supply of turf, oyster and shellfish abundant.

1893 June, Clashadoo, Thomas Dillon, 20a with right to 300a mountain, sand and seaweed in abundance carry 6 milch cows 30 dry cattle.

1894 Coolculaghta by County Court Judge in suit of John Murphy decd.

1. 54 a with commonage of 127 a divided with 5 other tenants held by lease from Hamilton O’Donovan Blair (The Blair Estate was sold by the Landed Estates Court) of 1866 commencing from 1884 for 60 years can take 8 cows

2. House shop and premises held under same lease.

3. Dunbeacon 9a held yearly from Richard Townsend (Ireland’s oldest Magistrate,born Sydney, Australia).

1894 Sept, Jeremiah O’Brien, licensed house and premises with meal and flour stores held for lives of Prince of Wales, Duke of Edinburgh and Connaught.

1894 Cashelane, County Court suit of Robert Levis V Wright Henry Schofield Margaret June Wright, defendants in occupation 60a held under lease of 999 years from 1/5/1755.

1896 land at Rusheenaniska by Commissioners of Public Works held from the Earl of Bandon from 1859.

1897 August, Timothy Sullivan 45 a rent £17 take 10 cows

1897 Blair’s Cove Executors of Denis McCarthy lease of 60 years and lands Blair’s Cove (average yield 13 bags of wheat per acre) and at Ballycomane.

1898 Denis Collins, Dunbeacon held by favourable lease from Richard Townsend including coach house stables.

1898 Father Michael Kearney decd. Cummer farm 250 acres Gearhameen. He was from the wealthy Kearney family of Manch, Dunmanway. a keen agriculturalist.

1899, Sylvester O’Sullivan, Coolculaghta bought by Timothy Mahony originally from Klcrohane who had been in America for £315.

1902, Executors late Francis Cole, Blair’s Cove, in two lots, 49a low Judicial rent of £18 10s 2. and 16a £8 12s with turbary, sand and seaweed rights recently erected residence take 20 cows, the bidding at the auction was between William Jermyn, Henry Love and Timothy McCarthy, of Lissydaniel, Ballydehob who bought for £805 and fees.  The Coles moved from Schull c 1750, at the time of the sale one of the descendants was the head of the Methodist Church in Ireland living in Belfast.  The stone house is still extant on the right Schull Road.

1903 Feb, Glanlough, Timothy Sheenhan, 35a with 50a mountain turbary good water can take 8 cows and horse.  70 years unexpired at a rent of £10 and Board of Works loan of £2 5 7.

1903 Robert Phillips tried to sell farm at Rusheenaniska. Philips had been Agents of Lord Bandon, Kathleen Dukelow a descendant donated Philips Green in the last number of years to the people of the area.

1906 William Kearney (acquired farm by will from his brother Father Michael Kearney) tried to sell farm Gearhameen formerly owned by Evans.

1910 Feb, Jeremiah Coakley, Coolculaghta, 30a, will carry 10 milch cows, 2 horses, 12 heifers and many sheep.

1914, Daniel McCarthy and Kate Daly selling two farms in Blair’s Cove

1923 Miss Gilhooley  (probably relate to James Gilhooley, Bantry, MP) selling licensed premises and land (Later Mrs Browns (mother of Dorothea Brown Ireland’s 2nd woman Solicitor) and Paddy Barrys now closed)

1916, Jeremiah and John Bowen, Brahalish, 235 acres in fee simple formerly at a rent of £32.12.9 arable can take 20 cows

1923 Miss Gilhooley, Licensed premises (she had held this for her brother James the MP) to Lily Brown.

1924, Timothy Sullivan, Gearhameen, 30 acres. 1924, Mrs Cronin, Coomkeen. 1924, executors Robert Phillips, Rusheenaniska and Clashadoo 81 and 26 acres.  James Pyburn Cashelane moving to Bandon 31 acres.

1925 January Friendly Cove Mrs O’Brien 30a commodious house held under lease of 999 years from 5 April 1834 at a rent of £37 p.a.

February, Derryfunchion, Jeremiah Nugent, 21 a.   Feb Mr and Mrs Verity Evans who are leaving Dunbeacon 94a can take 14 cows and ‘The Bungalow’ in woodland.

March Ballycomane, Denis Harnedy who is moving to Bandon 25a with one sixth of 300 acres of commonage can take 10 cows.

October, Richard Kingston, 25 a, Dromreagh moving to Marabora House, Timoleague.

Jehr Moynihan, Carrigboy, 25+2 a.

1926, James Sullivan, Clonee, sold having bought Moskeigh House, in 1916 he won 3rd prize for the best in calf Kerry cow at the Cork Show.

John Shanahan, Dunbeacon, 65a.  February, John Sullivan, Ballycomane (Ballinvillin) 204 a.

Patrick O’Driscoll, Brahalish, 247 a.

May, Denis O’Donovan, Drishane Dunbeacon, 35 a with rights to seashore for sand and seaweed.

September Sylvester O’Sullivan, Blair’s Cove 13 a shop egg buying ad drew attention to ex- servicemen.

October, Mrs Vickery, Ballycomane (moved to French Furze, Carrigaline) 125 a bought by Deanes, Crottees.

1927 Jan, James Wright, Millenalough, Cashelane, 200 a.

July, John Hosford, Cashelane, 35a.  1928 February,

John Williamson, Brahalish retiring, 33a.

1929, Jeremiah Sullivan, Ardaneig Ahakista, 48 a.

1930 Tom Donovan, Roskerig, 25a.

1931 March, Michael Donovan, Kealties, 29a,

Richard Lynch, Aughogoheen, 47 a,

Thomas Spillane, Moulinvard 46 a, having purchased another holding (Ballycomane for £1,450)

1932 July reps of David Sullivan, Ahakista, licensed premises and small holding

1934 Feb, Thomas Roycroft moving to Cork, Dunbeacon shop and 3.5 acres

1935 August, Jehr Moynihan, and John D Sullivan, Carrigboy 25 and 15 acres including valuable foreshore rights including an area between the Catholic and Protestant Churches.

1936, Sam Ross, Licensed premises, stables and stores including an area rented to the Minister for Defence together with 4 acres and pig house in Carrigboy.

June 1936. Mrs Elizabeth Dukelow, Sea Lodge, cottage and 5 acres (bought by her brother –in-law Mort Dukelow who returned from Northern Ireland)

1938, Goodhand Clarke, Glenlough, 60a.

John Hosford, Cashelane 26a.

  1. T.J.Lannin, Coolcoulaghta, 35a,
  2. Ellen McCarthy, Tullig, 47a
  3. 1942 Feb. Reps John Miller, 3 Farms, Coolculaghta, 25, 18, 22 acres plus mountain.
  4. 1943 June, Cashelane, John Shannon, 30 a.
  5. October Mrs Ellen Driscoll, Brahalish, 286 a including 70 rich loam suitable for wheat, dairy tillage and fattening.

1944, Miss Ellen Sullivan, Ardogeena, 40a,

Michael Cremin, Murreagh, 4 a,

John McCarthy,, Blairs Cove, 60a can carry 13 cows.

1945 Mrs Hannah Sullivan Ballycomane 61 a carry 15 cows

1947 Rossmore, James Dukelow 24a grazing.

July Agnes Sullivan Tullig and Kealties 1. Kealties 30a and commonage and seaweed. 2. Kealties 40a with commonage and seaweed and dwelling. 3. Tullig/Fort Lodge 16a with seaweed and old mansion.

1948 Nov, Dunbeacon Jeremiah O’Leary 8a right to foreshore.

Cornelius Daly 49a.

1951 Nov, Durrus Court with 8 acres estate of Captain Moorson (bought by John Crowley 1954)

1960 Sept, Reps, Michael McCarthy, Coolculaghta, 27a suitable wheat growing and grazing of 248 a of commonage.  Sept Denis McCarthy, Dromreagh, 50a.