Catholic Middlemen on the Kenmare and Lansdowne Estates 1755 and 1775, Pride..Sloth..Drunkiness..Every one thinks himself too great for any industry except taking farms.  When they happen to get them, they screw enormous rents from some beggarly dairyman and spend their whole time in the alehouse to the next village.  If they have sons, they are to be bred to be priests, physicians or French officers; if daughters, they are bred to be no kind of industry but become encumbrances on their parents and the public an this sloth and beggary are transmitted from generation to generation. …1775..  Sauntering around the roads dong nothing, and their sons and daughters going to a dancing school at three shillings a quarter when they might be spinning or carding, digging or ploughing or sowing.

Kevin quotes this in an article about Catholic Middlemen.  It is the Records of the Kenmare estate online from the Irish Manuscript commission.

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