C. M. (McCarthy) Tenison, BL, MRIA, Barrister, Bank Manager, Hobart, Tasmania, Author of ‘History, Law and practice of Baking’ and article 1893 on Early Cork Banks, Hoare’s Bank, Hoare’s Lane (1675-1729), Pikes Hoare’s Lane (1729-1825), Falkiner and Co., near the Custom House (1760, Leslie and Co. Failed 1820, Hewitts and Co., South Mall (1776-1789), Newenhams, Patrick St., (1800-1821), (1824-1825), South Mall, Rogers Travers and Shears (c1750-c1798), Nile St., Cotter and Kellett (1775 Bankrupt 1807), Galweys Bank Mallow (not in article), The Pike Family the Debt Cork owes them as Bankers, Merchants,  Shipbuilders, Reclaimers of Marshes and Mrs Pike a Quaker standing by her son in Celebrated Defamation action (Pike V Beamish ), 1894, for Alleged Cheating at Cards.  More to follow.

Courtesy JCHAS, 1893.


Brother: http://dib.cambridge.org/viewReadPage.do;jsessionid=AB5F5F5792033C7D1885EBA625D4F715?articleId=a1852

Pike Court Case 1894.

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