‘A Thick Irish Brogue’ John Gilbert Higgins (1891-1961), Rhodes Scholar, Newfoundland Lawyer, Politician, Senator, Judge Robert Swanton (1767-1840), Ballydehob/Swantstown and New York Judge, the Atlantic Provinces of Canada and The Irish Argentinans, Crofton Croker.

In Robert A Caro’s biography of Robert Moses the man who built New York infrastructure and who poured more concrete the the Pharaohs and the Romans he refers to his friend at Oxford in 1910 John Gilbert Higgins, a Rhode Scholar which Moses was not.. He sported a long knitted scarf adn aThick Irish Brogue. Higgins came from a humble enough background and late excelled at Politics and Law. His Irish background goes back at least to his grandparents. He campaigned with success to prevent Newfoundland from being incorporated into Canada in 1948.


On the Canadian Maritime provinces there are close Irish links from long standing emigration. In some area the links between West Waterford area strong enough to have the Waterford accent still prevailing after perhaps 200 years.

A recent TV programme on the Irish in Argentina traced the emergence of an elite group of Ranchers. They descend from emigration for Longford and west meath in the 1880s of prosperous Irish farmers. Again when speaking in English a clear Midland accent is apparent.

Robert Swanton presided over the Admiralty Court in New York in the 1820, in later years an old New York Lawyer recalled the Judges of his youth including Swanton whose impossible Cork brogue and that of his tiptaff casey made it difficult to understand what was going on.


Crofton Croker writing in the 1840 of his schooling in Cork in the 1810 praised the schools which were mixed in terms of religion but broke for instruction. At the time he was writing he complained that prosperous Cork families were sending their children presumably mainly boys to be educated in England. he said they came back with a cut glass English accent.