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Ann Maria Curtis, Dungourney, a granddaughter of Rev. John Madras who married Miss Evanson of Durrus, married a grandson of The Liberator, Daniel O’Connell,  1867, he was son of Charles O’Connell, Resident Magistrate, Bantry.


John T. Collins, Newspaper Extracts, Died 2nd March 1754 Mrs. Madras, w (wife or widow?) of Rev. M Madras.


Genealogy of Cork Huguenot Madras family post 1750 from Amsterdam by letter from India Office 1939, interconnected families Longfield Connor Fort Robert, Evanson Durrus, Travers Butlerstown, Baldwin Curravody, Alleyn.

The Rev John Madras referred to was a curate in Durrus c 1800 when he married Miss Evanson.

From Meziere Brady:

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Graveyard inscription courtesy Richard henchion.


Youngest Son of Madras family mentioned as life also Evansons, Whites of Bantry:






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Durrus 1800 John Henry Madras Martha Evanson Rector, Durrus Friendly Cove Rev. John Madras Alice Baldwin Richard Evanson Madras family of Huguenot descent via Amsterdam Evanson family history ”
Children, Alice, John TCD Clergyman, married Mary Travers daughter of JonasTravers Timoleague, P. Donoghmore Ross, Richard, Robert-Conner 1807-Doctor Dripsey Dispensary drowned saving policeman, married Elizabeth Bennett Gillman, Coachford, sister of Antiquarian Herbert Webb-Gillman, Alleyne-Evanson, Elizabeth ied a spinster, Anne-Connor married Richard Hayes Barker, Aherla”