Phairs/Fairs, Patent Rolls Cromwell 1655-1659, Lord Protectors Letters on behalf of Colonel Phaire, died Whitehall, Skibbereen, West Cork, 14th August 1657, from Thrift’s Abstracts.

Later generations of the family were in the Dunmanway area and may have been active early 18th century buying land from the Hollow Blade Company of London (victims of South Sea Bubble).

The family were active in Cork City ‘Phairs Cross’ on the Southside.




Corrections / Clarifications:

1.) Oliver Cromwell died at Whitehall in London 3 Sept 1658 and Colonel Robert PHAIRE died in Sept 1682, so I have no idea what death is being referred to in the page by Gertrude Thrift.

2.) There is no proof to support that the below John FARE/PHAIRE the Tyler/Slater was a descendant of Colonel Robert PHAIRE.

3.) It is true, that Rev’d Dr. John Patrickson of Dunmanway co Cork did marry as his 2nd wife Elizabeth PHAIRE who was a daughter of Colonel Robert PHAIRE.

4.) The John FARE who according to Gertrude Thrift’s burial abstract was buried at St. Mary’s Shandon, Cork city on July 9, 1761. Although his name is spelled quite variously he is certainly the same John Phayer of Bruff co. Limerick who married Margaret Condon in at St. Peters church Cork City on 29 Jan 1753 (Cork MLB), and is the same man who signed his Will on July 8th, 1761 of which the abstract by W.H. Welply appears here:

“Cork Will of John PHAIRE: sgd 8 July 1761: pr. 18 Dec 1761. Slater: wife Margt. two sons. My daughter’s child. Executors – Richard Gardener of Cork clothier and John Callaghan of Blarney Lane. Wits: Thomas Knowles, John Condon, Mary Walsh.”

5.) Faulkner’s Dublin Journal published 11 July 1761 the death of John Phair as “Last week in Cork by a fall from a scaffold a few days before, Mr. ____ Phair an eminent Tyler.”

6.) According to all known records, John Fair / Phair / Phaire the Tyler and/or Slater did not dwell at anytime in West co. Cork.