Proclamation of 11th November 1732 23rd March 1732 arising from Grand Jury at General Assizes and Gaol Delivery sittting at the King’s Old Castle Cork whereby Murtough McOwen Sullivan, John Sullivan, Dennis Murtough Sullivan, Muthough Sullivan Junior, Otho Sullivan, Dermod McMortough, Miles Mahony, Denis Mahony, Mark Oge Downey, James McMarcus Downey, William Murphy, Mortough McFenneen Sullivan, Daniel Sullivan alias Raab, Daniel Sullivan, Bartholomew Desmond, James Welsh, Derby Leary, John Hegarty, Julian Cellig, Derby Murphy, Callaghan McCallaghan, Charles Charty, Ellen Conway, Mary Gibbons, Ellen Sullivan, Cornelius Murphy, Patrick,John, Cornelius, Denis Bartholomew, John Harraaghton of Ardnagashel (near Glengariff) Dennis Shannahane and John Marrihigg of Ardrawly (Skibbereen) to be Tories Robbers and Rapparees.

The number of women involved might be noted.

Some had been involved in an earlier Proclamation.

Proclamation of 11th November 1732 arising from seizure by Richard Tonson, Collector of Customs, Baltimore, West Cork, of 80 Anchors of Brandy from ‘Concert’ and the reseizure of 30 Anchors resulting in death of Customs man France Post and offering reward for apprehension of Murtagh McOwen Sullivan (owner of Concert), John Sullivan Gent Rosmacowen, his son-in-law Dennis McMurtagh Sullivan, Murthogh Sullivan Junior, Thomas Trenwith.

The Proclamations were commonly used in the unusual nature of Ireland from an administrative an legal perspective. Most were lost in 1922 and a project to reconstruct them has been competed. The vast bulk from 1660 to 1820 are now contained int his collection.