Petition from John Winspeare, c 1648, Shipwright, living near Bantry Bay, West Cork, Timber for Staves, Propositions for Felling, and Deed of 1724 Robert Winispeare probably Durrus

SP 46/130/70
Petition from John Winspeare to [?]. Writer, a shipwright living near Bantry Bay, co. Cork, now makes his livelihood `upon the fishing trade’. He has found in neighbouring woods much `knee timber, standards and ripe staves’ which would be useful for shipbuilding. He asks `your worships’ for permission to fell timber, and to build `any lighter or boats for the carriage’ to the eventual port for transportation [? to England], and gives details of suggested payment for himself for delivering the timber, prepared for use, `on board in the river of Kilmarr [? Kenmare] in Bantry Bay’; he also calculates freight charges. Endorsed (different hand): `John Winspeare his proposition touching felling, squaring etc. of timber and of woods in Ireland’.
Date: [? 1648-1660]

The above is in the UK National Archives, Kew.

The name appears in the Durrus area from the late 17th century and as witnesses to documents Bantry area mid 18th century.

A John Winspeare married a widow Rachel Anglin in 1738.

Some of the family later married Church of Ireland McCarthys from whom a long line descend.

Robert Winispeare probably Carrigbui (Durrus), Deed 1724, names Beversham Harman, Lahern, Hutchins also probably involved in timber trade and fishing.