Snapshot of Finances of Bantry Estate, 1888, West Cork, requested by Lord Ardilaun (one of the Guinness Family married  to Whites) showing rents of £11,600 for Bantry and £4,800 for Macroom, totalling £14,000 (present day €1.5 million), deficit of £2,035, with rent reductions for tenants of 25%.

The Estate had heavy outlays in mortgages, Jointures (payments for female relatives), life insurance, tithes tax leaving very little for living expenses, a common feature of Irish Estates.

Some Financial details of 19th century Cork Magistrates:


To get some idea of comparative values, an RIC man in 1900 earnings allowing for uniform, accommodation and pension say €75 per annum, Garda say €30,000 net in 2016 a factor of 400 perhaps on the high side or Resident Magistrate €500 per annum District Justice €90,000 net of income tax, factor of 180.


Annual Estate Rent rolls estimate 1811, Bandon £30,000, Devonshire (Cork), John Smith-Barry, Lord Shannon, Lord Kingsborough, Longfield all £20,000

Mitchelstown Castle 1820s cost of building £100-200, 000, never lived in, burned 1919-1922 now Co-Op.

Richard Townsend rent roll 1820s estimate £8,000.

Rev. Alleyn Evanson, Durrus, 1853, £5 (may be nominal for conveyancing).

Sir William Henry Lyons, 1858, Glanmire Road Cork, Merchant, probate £20,000.

William Fagan, 1859 £16,000, MP, Feltrim, Cork,

Paul Limrick, Solicitor, 1864, Union Hall, £180.

Becher Lionel Fleming (1821-1869), Landlord, Probate £1,400, 1869 to Becher L. Fleming, Oldcourt and Rev.Horace Fleming, Kilnagross, Clonakilty.

Colonel Morgan William O’Donovan or ‘The O’Donovan’, 1870, Montpelier, Douglas and Lissard, Skibbereen, Landlord, £35,000.

Richard  Quin/Quinn, 1870, Fir Grove, Innishannon, Landlord, £10,000.

Sir Thomas Deane Knight 1871,  Architect, 26 Longfield Terrace, Dublin, £14,000

Ludlow Bamish, Brewer, Cork, 1872, £5,000

Richard Wallis Goold Adams 1873 James Brook, Cloyne.  Landlord and Land Agent, £4,000.

Timothy O’Donovan, Landlord, Durrus, 1874, £2,000.

Daniel Donegan, 1874, Carrigmore, Cork, 1874, £20,000, by order of Court Donegan v Donegan.

Francis 3rd Earl of Bandon, Landlord, 1877, £18,000.

George Achilles Daunt, 1878, Landlord, Compass Hill. Kinsale, £7,000.

James Redmond Barry, Glandore, Landlord,  Fishery Commissioner, 1879, £1,500.

Sir Thomas Tobin 1881, Gunpowder Manufacturer, Ballincollig,  Probate in Ireland £5,303

Nicholas Dunscombe, 1882, £6,358.

Richard Donovan, Clerk of Crown, Lisheens, Ballincollig, 1883, £10,164.

Richard Wheeler Doherty, 1883, Oak Villa, Bandon, Merchant, Land Agent, £8,170.

Thomas  Fuge, Rock Lodge, Youghal, 1883, £2,386.

William Wise, 1884, Dundanion, Blackrock, Cork, £51,000.

Edward Day Stokes, Corbally House, Riverstown, 1885, £1,259.

James Fownes Norton Wise, 1886, Rostellan Castle, Midleton, Ramsgate, £19,849.

Captain John McDonell Webb, Rosanna, The Hill, Douglas, Cork, 1886

Edward Bayly Warburton 1888, Resident Magistrate, Bantry, £1,385.

Finances of Bantry Estate, 1888, requested by Lord Ardilaun rents of £11,600 for Bantry and £4,800 for Macroom, deficit of £2,035, with rent reductions for tenants of 25%.

John Limrick, 1890, Union Hall, £3,647.

James Hutchinson Swanton, 1891, Miller Landowner, Rineen, Skibbereen, £3,807.

Charles Peter Teulon, 59 North Main St., Bandon, 1892, £14,421.

Dr. Bartholomew W. Verling, 1893, Springfield Lodge (Oxclose), Newmarket, Retired Naval Surgeon, Landlord, Probate £1,792.

Thomas Hoskins Tarrant 1894, Charlesfort, Cobh, £1,252


Herbert Webb Gillman, 1898, Landlord,  Clonstead House, Coachford, £2,294

Sir John Arnott, 1898, Businessman, Landowner, Newspaper owner, £694,306.

John Richard Wheeler, 1901, 85 North Main St., Bandon, Captain 2nd Regiment of Foot,  left £1,017.

Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Claringbould Powell, 1902, Bawnlahan, Leap, in Ireland £1,886.

Richard Lane Allman, 1904, Distiller, Bandon, £22,034.

Robert Dunscombe 1906, Mount Desert Cork, £841.

Henry Lavellin Puxley, 1909, Landlord, Dunboy Castle, Castletownbere, Llangan Carmarthenshire,   Probate in London Irish estate £2,251

James Clugston Allman, Distiller, Bandon, 1911, £11,789.

Robert Day, 1914, 1889,  Myrtle Hill House, Cork,  Merchant, £46,271.