The iconic building opposite Durrus pier was owned by the Evanson family but may have been built and operated by someone else. The Evanson family had a number of branches in the Durrus area (Friendly Cove, Dromreagh, Durrus Court, Sea Lodge) and were not noted for their innovation or business acumen. One of the family Nathaniel married a Swanton a niece of Judge Swanton Marine Judge New York and Ballydehob. The Swantons were industrious and operated mills so maybe they had a connection. There are quite a number of such buildings on the coast of West Cork reflecting a time pre the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 when high prices encouraged grain production in areas not naturally suited for such cultivation.

One one of the access roads by the Community Grounds on the Dunbeacon Road to Friendly Cove the original untarred road is still intact and has a cobbled surface probably from riddled large shore pebbles interlocking.


Evanson Estates:

The property was offered for sale c 1828 and comprised two separate building as is evident in the photos a kiln and separate storehouse.

The remains of the foundation on the sea side af two piers are also evident.