Biographical data from Kerry Evening Post 1824-1864 and other papers including Cork details gleaned by O’Connell Brothers (Basil and Donal) in the 1950s. They were descendants  of Daniel O’Connell and Basil wrote the O’Connell Tracts in conjunction with his brother a retired officer in the Royal Navy.  They were from the Lakeview branch of the O’Connells outside Killarney.

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Basil may have trained as a barrister an was the head of CID in Malaya spending a lot of his leave in the 1940s and 50s in Dublin in Lansdowne Road.  In an amusing letter in the 1950s to Bantry historian Paddy O’Keeffe he signs off saying ‘I’m off now to fight the Communists’

Dr. Casey has this in Vol 6 and 7 of the O’Kiev Cishe Mang