Colonel James Grove White (1852-1938), Historical Notes North East Cork precursor to Dr. Casey’s of Birmingham Alabama O’Kiev Coshe Mang.
The notes cover the area around the family estates around Fermoy. They are an interesting mixture of history, archaelogy, ‘Seanachas’ amd genealogy. In compiling them he had access to family papers and the records of the Public Records Office destroyed in 1922. The records spill into other areas of Co. Cork. Dr Casey’s collections (15 volumes) cover the North West Cork/East Kerry areas and have some similarities.

Grove White would have been a contemporary of Colonel Lunham, Robert Day, earlier figures such as Maziere Brady, Dr. John O’Donovan, Crofton Croker, Denny Lane, Dr. Richard Caulfield and later historians John T Collins, Paddy O’Keeffe, Bernard O’Regan, Father TJ Walsh.