Legal tenure of various Estates acquired by the Land Commission in West Carbery and Bantry Bere, West Cork c 1900.

Most of the agricultural land in Ireland was bought by the tenants through the Land Commission in the years around 1900. The owners were given a handsome premium on market value but had to produce title to the satisfaction of the Land Commission Examiners.

These title papers are held in Portlaoise. In many cases they contain details of family settlements as well and other documents the originals of which were destroyed in the Public Records Office in 1922.

There is a comprehensive card index in the Manuscript of the National Library in Kildare Street, Dublin of title and wills. This is files by County and Barony.

This is a selection of a few for parts of the Baronies of West Carbery and Bantry Bere:

The Landed Estates Database in Galway which is online has good information on the various estates.