Cork barristers, Sir William Foster Stawell (1815-89), Oldcourt Co. Cork to Attorney General and Chief Justice, Melbourne, Redmond Barry (1815-89), Ballyclough, Co. Cork Chief Justice, Victoria, 40 hats on the Munster Circuit 1842 and not enough work for 20, and the development of Australian Legal Infrastructure

The Stawells were established in the Kinsale area from the early 17th century. He was a nephew of Foster Speaker of the Irish Parliament, Chancellor the Irish Exchequer and a Pro Bono Commissioner of Bogs in the 1820s.

The Barry were in Cork from the 12th century in the eastern part of the county.

Both Barry and Stawell were friendly and came from large families. Opportunities for professional advancement in Cork and Ireland were limited at the time. Various reports credited them with probity, diligence and energy both in the administration of Justice and in the wider world of public works and the arts.



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