February 11th Elizabeth Tanner was buried aged 63 years

25 John Butemer was buried

April 12th Mrs Martin Ware of Farnalogh was buried aged 70 years

May 21st Benjamin Shorten of Little Silver was buried aged 55 years

Miscellaneous entries

Entries of MN and B are followed by a phonetic transcription of the Apostles Creed in Irish, and a different, hand:-

‘Credim a yeay tahair lee coachd crunohoir neav y tahiv y an ios Chroist a vac son ar Diarna
meac a gong on spiarif naav do rugag a vac dilg
pash fe pintios Pilate Ceasag ar gros fuar bas 7 iluc
huag suas go hifern dash erig an tras le o variv
huag suas ar nev y ta na sig ar years lav De
tahair le coch as san tucous Dene Brhns le ar veav
y ar variv y facire Donn ule go leir Cedina so
spírid neav neev aglissh Cattilic occoming na neev
mohunichos na baciy dashiry na colla 7 braha
hiary Amen

The other side of the book has the following entries:-

List of the poor in the parish the ye…

Ally Morges, Elizabeth Good, Jane Carthy, Elizabeth Knowls, Mary Good, Richard Twogood, Robert Knowles otherwise Gash, Elizabeth Bennett otherwise Cooms. Ann Coombs.

At a vestry summoned legally and held in the church of Murragh for the parishes of Murragh and Kilowen on Wednesday the 7th June 1780 it was agreed that John Wren of Dromovean and Stephen Welsh of Killinear both in the parish of Murreagh are proper persons to serve as trustees of foundlings and they are hereby elected into the service.
Charles Hewitt, Parish Clerk