Ref: Notes Evanson Narrative

Short pamphlet loaned to me by my sister Jan regarding the Evanson family history and reproduced here as follows:

‘A Short Narrative of the Evanson Family’ reprinted 1913 (possibly written by EA Hardy, 1877)

The Ancestor of the Evanson Families, now in Ireland was Lieutenant Nathaniel Evanson, who came from England at the restoration of Charles 2nd, with a Patent from that king, of Castle Donovan and a large tract of land belonging to it of 2,400 acres; he settled there and married Susana O’Doherty, a widow with one son. Susana was the grand daughter to Edward King, Bishop of Elphin, (Sir Gilbert King is the present representative of this family): and his wife Grace Sampson, (daughter of Rev Nathaniel Sampson, Prebendary of St Pauls and niece of Latimer) their issue were two sons, Charles and Thomas and a daughter. Those married into the Beamish family. Thomas’ issue was Edward, who settled in Antigua; no living issue, but his sister had in the Beamish line and at present in the Townsend’s –Grace Stewart of Clonakilty, is one of them. Charles married a daughter of Colonel Arnap by whom he had issue, Nathaniel, Arthur, Susanna and Grace. Grace married Joseph Armitage of Glounmacarney, near Dunmanway, which he mortgaged for 200 pounds and a white horse. Arthur came by accidental death. Nathaniel married Martha Alleyn daughter of Edward Alleyn of Ballyduvane; their issue, Charles, Alleyn, Nathaniel, Richard, Martha and Susanna. Charles married in Antigua, a Widow Knight, by whom he had Nathaniel and Martha. Alleyn second son of Martha Alleyn, married also in Antigua, Susanna Ceely; she was near cousin to Sir W. Young, governor of Antigua and was connected with the Montague’s and Nibbs family. (Miss Ceely ’s niece married a Mr Gordon). Nathaniel died unmarried. Richard married Miss Harris whose mother was Miss Beamish. Martha married Abraham Ducket, of Hervey. Susana married John Harmman of Lahavir, near Bantry. Alleyn Fitzherbert, Lord St Helens, Lord Viscount Molesworth and the Browns of Coolcower, were all related to Nathaniel Evanson’s wife, whose maiden name was Alleyn. Charles Evanson who was married to Susana Arnap was married secondly to Mary Martel and they had five daughters – one married Mr White, one married Mr (Thomas) Shaw, one married (Elizabeth) Dr Litton and one married Mr Brooke, one daughter died unmarried. The first Nathaniel mortgaged the Castle Donovan Estate, and settled at Four Mile Water, rebuilding the Old Court, now again in ruins. The present Nathaniel has the patent which always remained in the family. ( Nathaniel died unmarried. The patent now in the possession of his sister Mrs Furlonge , 1877) Colonel Arnap whose wife was Percy, owned the Dunmanway Estate. He mortgaged it to Chancellor Cox. His son, Captain Arnap, it is certain would have redeemed it, but dying suddenly after breakfast at the Chancellor’s on his return from England, strong suspicion of his being poisoned was and still is told, as a gentleman at the breakfast table said the Chancellor bid a servant hand a particular cup of chocolate to Mr Arnap; after drinking it he soon expired. The first Mrs Evanson had sisters, one married the O’Shaughnessy (whose daughter married the O’Donovan, ancestor of the late General O’Donovan); and another married Mr Butler (the family of the Duke of Ormond); and another married Mr J Warren. A short memoir (now in that of mine EA Hardy, 1877) of Bishop King, in needlework, by Susana Beamish, his descendant, taken from history, is in the possession of Mrs C Evanson, of Ronayne’s Court and the same at Mr Busteed’s, Ballinrea, worked by another female descendant., Elizabeth Evanson afterwards, Litton. Sir William Young, Governor of Antigua, and near cousin to Mrs Alleyn Evanson, settled in England, and became a member of Parliament. Thomas Shaw and Mary Evanson’s issue was John (grandfather to the late Mr Justice Willes) married to Isabella Allen; their issue, Elizabeth married Thomas Busteed of Ballinrea, leaving issue. Mrs Hawes, sister to Susana Beamish were daughters of Nathaniel Beamish, called after the Evanson name, and Mrs Townsend’s mother was one of the same Beamish’es. Nathaniel son of Alleyn Evanson and Susana Ceely, married Mary Townsend, daughter of H. Baldwin and Catherine Morris; a numerous issue. Charles, his brother married Harriette Allen, daughter of W. Allen and E. Aldworth, daughter of William Boyle Aldworth, of Newmarket. Four Mile Water.

September 6th, 1831

The first of the Evanson’s who came to Ireland with a Patent of Castle Donovan from Charles 2nd of 2,400 acres, was Lieutenant Nathaniel Evanson; he married Susan O’Doherty, a widow with one son, whose maiden name was Blackburn; she was grand daughter of Edward King, Bishop of Elphin. Charles was his son, Nathaniel his son, Alleyn his son, Nathaniel the 3rd his son. The original patent is still in possession of a member of the family. O’Doherty connected with the Coopers of Sligo. Four Mile Water Lands were purchased by Judge Bernard, ancestor of the Earl of Bandon. By the connection with the Ormond family the Evanson’s lost many thousand pounds, lent by one of them to Ormond, for the Crown in Queen Anne’s reign. Copied from a Memorandum written by Mrs ? illegible.

Royal Institution

Cork 22nd August 1874

My Dear Sir,

I beg to thank you very sincerely for the perusal of the Evanson Paper, as well as the narrative and Tabular Pedigree of the family. I have been much interested with the historical connection of the family; the names of most of them are quite familiar to me. Should an opportunity at any time present itself, I shall not fail to congratulate Mrs Pope Gray on her very distinguished ancestry. It is now time for me to be able, with some degree of confidence, to pronounce an opinion on such subjects.

Believe me, my dear Sir,

Most truly yours,

Richard Caulfield, LLD

Pope Gray Esq,

Douglas, Cork