In 1845, in Louisiana, USA, the Priests were exhorting the Immigrant Irish to forsake the grog halls of New Orleans and go up the Mississippi. like the Germans to claim the free land.

The Irish Emigration of the mid 19th century was part of a pattern fromNorthern Europe Scotland and Germany being huge exporters of people.

In Louisiana worthy immigrants could claim up to 200 acres in the Mid West. The priests were concerned about the moral welfare of their flock and felt their future prosperity would be guaranteed in the countryside.

In retrospect the Irish were fortunate in they largely ignored the Priest’s advice and like the Jews settled in the cities. Over generations they climbed out of the slums availing of education often provided by Irish Religious Orders (eaten bread is soon forgotten) made their way into the upper echelons of US Society. A mirror image of the Jews. In the meantime the poor Germans continue to eke out a living on wind swept prairies!