I was chatting to a fiend recently and she bewailed the loss of the buailteach/seamhú, the little dot over several letters in Irish to denote a ‘h’. With the introduction of the Roman script this is replaced by ‘h’ She says it has the effect of deadening a page while reading giving a stress not intended in the oral language.

Apparently there are now excellent software packages for about €50 giving a variety of fonts in the old Gaelic script easily usable on I Pads, smartphones, etc.

You forget the pure beauty of the old script. I enclose the notebook of William Smith O’Brien transcribed by him about 1860 and the calligraphy is superb. It could easily be replicated hi-tech and would be distinctive and visually beautiful.


Gaelic Type:

Mortgage Deed in Irish 1608, William Smith O’Brien, West Cork list of phrases: