In a recent discussion with Miriam O’Callaghan the Monaghan writer Pat McCabe in Dalkey Town Hall was asked about his Protestant neighbors growing up in Clones. He said there was little if any difference Catholic or Protestant and said the question reminded him of Freud’s phrase ‘the narcissism of small difference’

Recent DNA work would seem to suggest that a considerable number of the Scots who came to Ulster during the Plantation of the early 17th century were descendants of the Irish who moved to Scotland before the 10th century.

These census results would support the idea of the cultural affinity of Scotland in Ireland in linguistic terms.

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Presbyterian Irish and English:

Presbyterian Irish:

Church of Ireland Irish and English:

Church of Ireland Irish:

Church of England Irish and English:

Church of England Irish:

Church of Scotland Irish and English:

Church of Scotland Irish:

Methodist Irish and English:

Methodist Irish:

Independent Irish and English:

Independent Irish

Baptist Irish and English:

Baptist Irish:

Society of Friends/Quaker Irish and English:

Society of Friends/Quaker Irish

Plymouth Brethern Irish: