The Concordat was a discretionary endowment to be given out by the Lord Lieutenant. Government also had at its disposal the equivalent of a petty cash fund known as concordatum money, but this had to be accounted for and was frequently overspent in the innumerable legitimate sundry expenses in running a large establishment. Many of the applicants for relief were women often widowed. The were the wives of Military personnel or clergymen, Government Officials who had in the absence of pensions fallen on hard times. Some of the amount awarded came to £10. To put this in perspective, a cadet to the RIC in the officer class had a starting salary of £100 per annum. from the 1830s.

The observations are made by senior clergy judicial persons and members of the Gentry and MPs. Nor althoether unlike the representations of present day TDs.

Lor Talbot served in Ireland from 1817 to 1821,_2nd_Earl_Talbot