In the online history of the Townsend family of Co. Cork, compiled by Colonel John Townsend in Australia,



In the article relating to Samuel Townsend 1768-1836 of Whitehall, Aughadown there is a piece on the post 1798 situation.

The British Government employed Sir John Moore to disarm Co. Cork.  He used a scorched earth policy designed to intimidate people to hand in their arms.  In Caheragh 800 pikes were located as well as 3,400 stands of arms.  The soldiers were billeted on the local population and literally ate them out of house and home.  One exception to this was in Aughadown where the joint efforts of the Catholic Parish Priest Father Timothy O’Sullivan and the Church of Ireland Vicar Joseph Wright ensured that the local commanding officer Samuel Townsend did not billet the soldiers on the local population.