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Down Survey 1665-68

During the troubles the Rectors of Church of Ireland churches were urged to deposit the parish records in the Public Records Office at the Four Court in Dublin for safe keeping.  Thankfully, some did not comply and thereby saved the records from the destruction which wiped 1,000 years of Irish History into oblivion in 1922 in the destruction of the records.

In 1961 the Public Records Office asked churches to deposit the records in Dublin to enable them to be copied.  Margaret Griffith and Assistant Keeper manually copied the relevant records an immense task.  The records are now available in the National Archives and contain many for rural Co. Cork parishes as well as St. Annes Shandon, St Nicholas and Christ Church in Cork City.


Kinsale (St. Multose)

Register commencing 1683 – portions missing in files

P. following P. headed marriages 1686


October 29 Thomas Myagh and Catherine Roach widow

November 5 Thomas Beamish and Elizabeth Bayley widow

John Shears/ and Mary Allen widow

29 Christopher Shinley and Abigail James

Do. John Gibbs of Woolwich Marr. and Ann Masey of the parish Rincuraren

Do. John Martin and Alice Gibbs

Do. Arthur Snowden of Plymount Marr and Joan Waddam of this parish

December 5 John Williams, Mariner, son of Benjamin Williams of Flintshire in North Wales, Gent and Mary Dean of the parish of Dunderrow by the Rev. Me. Thomas Meade

12 John  Stapleton Captain of the Pink called the conquest of the Shanon? amd Mary White of this parish.

12 William Bucker and Eleanor Line

1692 March 27 William Bullen son of ..(name blank..) Bullen of the parish of Kinroan and Francis Williams widow of this parish

April 24 Francis Cross and Elizabeth daughter of Mr. John Tom

May 4 John Trumble and Catherine Daly

14 Edward Bridges and Margaret Nun

(2nd Column) May 14 Humphrey Bradfield and Mary Newman

29 John Keith and Jean Lane, Cork

George Clay and Elizabeth Bayley

Richard Gibbs and Catherine Yarwood

Ezekiel Davis and Beatrice Hooper

August 3  John Comish and Julian Cullinane

1692 contd

August 8 Thomas Newell and Mary Tugwool

16 Adrian Piercero and Angel Mosley widow

September 8 Captain Caple and Margaret the daughter of Mr. James Burrows

18 Mr. John Tom Minister (plus ‘Minister’ written in another hand) and Deborah Burrows widow

23 Benjamin Mills seaman and Joan Power

October 6 John Bostock and Jane Bayley

Nov 12 Francis Smith and Elizabeth Blount

18 Thomas Thompson of London Mass? and Elizabeth Roache of this parish

23 John Russell and Margaret Stiff. note that in the old book there are no marriages that happened in the year 1693 registered, not the year mentioned

1694 Marriages

May 6 Walter Younge and Elizabeth Bowler widow

22 William Lucas and Catherine Trawell

27 John Grant Mariner and Margaret Bryant

Do. Lieutenant Thomas White belonging to Colonel St. John’s Regiment and Francis Salton widow of this parish

29 Tim Corbett and Cattie Glavine

June 30 Edward Long and Ann Hinkson

July 1 Robert Oliver and Sarah Hayes

August 1 William Wildon and Mary Clocke (Clarke?)

8 Charles Little soldier Susanna (bride’s name omitter)

15 Hugh Matzan soldier Mable Marley

October 11 Thomas Harris and Agness Poor

November 16 Robert Rigester and Margaret Collins

20 Edward Perkinson mariner and Mary Dash

25 Thomas Boon and Elizabeth Anogus (Angus?)

Do. Thomas Bowden and Esther Muntford

Do. Robert Meaklin Captain Colonel’s St. John’s Regiment and Mary Cousins

January 7 Samuel Jones and Mary Canty

January 7 George Nicholas mariner and Gertrude Peterson

8  Richard Pedwin Mariner and Parnal (a form of Petronella?) Blythman

February 3  Thomas Murphy and Mary Kendle


April 16 Thomas Reenes and Alice Jones

22 Thomas Brown soldier and Ellen Sullivan

May 13 John Wright and Africa Gardiner

John Maddox of Rincurraan and Thomas Britten

June 17 Jeremiah Mason and Sarah Wealy

July 16 Evan Davies and Mary daughter of Jno. Tom, Vicar

14 Arthur Brads and June Dickson

23 Michael Coulsey and Mary Younge

28 Gilbert Ascford and Mary Sugar

August 4 Joseph Anstic and Margaret Hilton

Aeptember 1 Robert Chudleigh and Elizabeth Lapp

3 Marin Balyer of Rincurran parish and Kempthorn Lapp of this parish

11 William Hinkson and Prudence Anstice

19 Willaim Burrowes and Elinor Tom

1 page of burials 1690 – right hand column in some cases incomplete on fil owing to crumpled edge of page

1690 Burials

July 3 Thomas son of Thomas Maddox

Do. Jane daughter of Thomas Matthew (s?)

8 Joan Browne alias Backwise (or Beekwise)

Do. A  child of Robert Williams

Do. Two soldiers

13 Widow Tute

Do. Widow Gunn

Do. Margaret wife of Thomas Hamm (name partly rubbed away)

14 Elizabeth daughter of George Robins


July 14 Henry Hooper

Do. Jane daughter of Jos Neason

15 Thomas son of William Bennett

17 Sarah English widow

25 Catherine daughter of Denis Clear

26 Thomas Dagg

29 Robert Browne

Do. Francis Smith

Do. Ann wife of John Frankin (end of name rubbed away)

Do. Thomasin daughter of widow Gunn

31 Catherine Driscioll

August 3 James son of John Perce

6 William Colothorn

Do. Child of David Keeffe

Do. Margaret daughter of John Greenan

9 Agnes daughter of Jane Neason

10 Elizabeth daughter of Evan Williams

16 Catherine  daughter of David Heen

12 Mrs. Roche

14 Henry son of Matt. Sweetn (end of name rubbed away)

16 Ann daughter of Thomas Stephens

17 Deborah daughter of John Greenawd

27 William Mably

Do. Elizabeth: Thomas Orchard

29 Mrs. Abbott

Do. Elizabeth: Traveisce

September 5 Caughlin from Scilly

6 A child of James Bowler

8 Richard Savage

1694 continued