The  book ‘A Biographical Dictionary of Irish Writers’  by Anne M. Brady and Brian Cleeve, The Lilliput Press 1995 contains details of Brian Coffee born Dubln c 1700 and died in London 1745.  He was crippled from birth and moved to London and wrote for the theatre.  In the Beggar’s Wedding he introduced Irish Music to the London stage for the first time.

Also included is William Cruise born c 1750 in Co. Westmeath, died London 1824.  He qualified as a barrister in 1775 but as a Catholic was not allowed to practice.  He worked as a conveyancer and had great success as a legal author.  His 1804 book “A Digest of the Laws of England respecting Real Property’,  was reprinted many times over the next 50 years in England and the USA.