County Cork (with modern equivalents).
Edmond MaGragah (McGrath), Carrickenidy Murtagh O’Bryne, Callynahyny Finnic Oge O’Mahowny (O’Mahony), Ivagh Donnogh O’Drishall (O’Driscoll), do. Kedagh O’Denovane (O’Donovan), The Garry Donnogh M’Daniell, The Isle of
Daniell (McCormuck) Carthy, Ball
Captaine David Power, Cloghmore Owen O’Donegane (Donegan), Cloghmoge William McRoger Donegane, Cloughmore
Magdalen My Mary, widow, Cloghingrein
Andrew Synane, Kilbolane Teige McShane Begly, do. John McM’laghlin, do. Mac Cawen
Dermond (McCnogher) O’Deno Neale (O’Neill) Beagh, do.vane (O’Donovan?), Garry John Cleary, do. Daniell O’Denocan, als. O’Dene Mortagh Mahoway (O’Mahony) do.vane (O’Donovan), Cork Henery Wall, Milltowne Maurice Fitzgerrald, Castlelistine
Total : 21 Persons Transplanted from the Co. Cork.

Cromwell’s henchmen transported many Catholic landowners old English as well as Gaelic Irish to clear lands for his followers, many were sent to Connaught, some it is believed to the west Indies, Barbados.