Durrus Irish Reproductive Loan Fund Records:
For some areas, Irish Reproductive Loan Fund records are an important source of genealogical, social and economic information that has been little used in the past. After the famine of 1822, surplus charitable donations were made available to local loan societies in the counties that had been worst affected – Limerick, Cork, Galway, Mayo, Roscommon and Tipperary. In 1853, after the British Treasury had assumed responsibility for these funds, it was decided to call in outstanding loans. The local police constable submitted detailed returns, townland by townland, reporting on the debtors – who was still in the area, who had died, and who had emigrated. For the Durrus area many of the files are misdescribed as Ballymore. In Durrus the funds were managed by the rector Rev. Crosthwaite in conjunction with the Rev. Traill Schull and the Rev. Fisher, Toormore/Altar

The National Archives UK (PRO)
T 91/142b

Irish Reproductive Loans Fund Records. County: Cork. Townland: Curriheen

Ellen Spellane Surrendered she land still lives in same area supports herself by small traffic in eggs her husband is dead and her children are doing for themselves

Ahagouna (Clashadoo)
John Dukelow Charles Dukelow Skrehanamucca (Coomkeen) Timothy Daly Rossmore 1853 at present a poor shoemaker?
Timothy Sullivan John Wholly Ahagouna Timothy Daly Rossmore Died 1847?
Jehr. Sullivan (Comba) Denis Carthy Coomkeen Timothy Sullivan alias Skully Ahagouna 1853 a poor…?
Richard Coppinger Mick Sullian Droumreagh Tom Foley Rossnacaheragh
Denis Wholly A poor farmer dead since 1848
John Wholly 1853 in America
Jehr. Sullivan 1853 a poor farmer
Ellen Spelane Patrick Donovan Lisheen Patrick Donovan Carrigboy

Mary Connolly Pat Donovan Lisheen (Ballycomane) Richard Hunt Upper Glen Dead since 1847
Michael Hurley 1853 a poor farmer

Daniel Holland Philip Spelane Lady’s Well John Shanahan Caolta (Kealties) Never resided there

Blair’s Cove
Mary Sullivan Thomas King Brahalish 1853 in England
John Sullivan (Barnagh) Poor farmer dead since 1847

Mary Sullivan Owen Sullivan Brahalish John Sullivan (Barnagh) Blair’s Cove 1853 in poorly circumstances
Kitty Carthy Silvy James Williamson and Charles King Brahalish 1853 a poor woman
Charles KIng A poor farmer

Owen Sullivan 1853 a poor farmer
Thomas King 1853 a poor farmer
James Williamson 1853 a poor farmer
Caolta (Kealties)
Kitty Sullivan Timothy Coghlan Tullig James Mahony Carrigbui
Jude Martin Maurice Foley Caolta James Harrington Glenloch

Caolta (Kealties)
John Shanahan A poor farmer 1853
Kittty Sullivan Dead since 1847
Patrick Donovan A poor tailor 1853


Bartholw. Mountain John Dukelow Ahagouna Michl. Brien Droumreigh A poor labourer 1853 in England
Cornls.Curran Jerh. Sullivan Ahagouna James Callaghan Rossmore 1853 in England
Rich. Caverly Henry Caverly Carrigboy Timothy Sullivan Aghagouna Chas. King Brahalish A poor labourer in England
James Harrington Michael Baker Cruttees Denis Sullivan Carrigboy
Patrick Sullivan Jeremiah Sullivan Droumreagh Has been transported
Joanna Holland Daniel Donovan Cummachree John Driscoll Glenloch
Michael Walsh Owen Sullivan Brahalish John Moss Carrigboy 1853 a poor man
Michel Stanley Laurence Leyhane Carrigboy John Mahony Ahagouna crossed out Carrigboy) A poor blacksmith 1853 in America
Edward Goggin 1853 a poor tailor
Patrick Murray 1853 a poor labourer
Patrick Murray A poor labourer
Henry Caverly A poor farmer 1853 in England
William Goggin A poor tailor in Goleen in 1853
Daniel Minihane 1853 in middling circumstances
Denis Sullivan A poorfamrmer 1853 in America
Joanna Holland A poor woman 1853 in America
John Moss Still a poor farmer
Laurence Lyhane 1853 a poor man
John Mahony 1853 a poor farmer

David Hartigan David Hartigan Coolnahorna (Upper Clashadoo) Denis Wholly Aghagouna A poor man 1853
James Mahony Norry Mahony Clashadoo Corns Mahony Moulamill Dead since 1847
Norry Smith John Cathy and Jehr. Hayes Glebe (area around rectory Clashadoo) 1853 poor
Ellen Driscoll Danl Callaghan Coolnahorna (Upper Clashadoo) Timy. Connell Glenloch Dead 1847
Norry Mahony A poor person 1853 in England
John Canty A farmer of middling means 1853


Mary Carthy Patrick Donovan Patrick Murray both Coolculaghta A poor woman in England
Edward White Richard Varian Rooska Daniel Lannin Glenloch A poor pensioner dead since 1847
Denis alias Crome Sullivan Snr. Poor farmer dead since 1847
Patrick Donovan 1853 in England
Richard Baker Living in Murreagh a poor farmer
Daniel Sullivan Poor farmer dead since 1847

Coolnahorna (Upper Clashadoo)
Daniel Callaghan Denis Carthy (Down) Denis Carthy Coomkeen A poor labourer in America
David Hartigan Poor farmer dead 1847

Patrick Horrigan Edwd. Goggin Patrick Murray both Carrigboy A poor labourer dead since 1847
Denis Carthy John Carthy Glebe 1853 in England
Charles Dukelow listed as Skehanenamucca A farmer in middling circumstances

Timothy Mahony John Murphy Rooska James Donovan Caolta Not resident 1853 nor ever did


Richd. Dukelow John Dukelow Ahagouna Michael Hurley Ballycomane Resides at present 1853 in Carrigboy in poor circumstances
Michael Baker A poor farmer Gone to America?
Michael Baker A poor farmer Gone to America?
James Dukelow A poor farmer Gone to America?

Jerry Mahony 1853 a poor farmer
Daniel Donovan A poor farmer dead since 1847

Droumreagh or Droumreigh
Danl. Sullivan Denis Carthy Denis Sullivan alias Crone Snr, both Coolculaghta Poor farmer dead since 1847
Michael Sullivan Michael Sullivan (Criuagh) Droumreagh Tom Foley Rosnacaheragh
1853 in Bantry poor
James Hunt Daniel Donovan Coolculaghta Corns. Flynn Caolta
Michael Brien 1853 in England
Denis Carthy Dead since 1847

Maurice Brien Living in Ahagouna being poor
Michel Sullivan (Cragh) 1853 in America
Jeremiah Sullivan 1853 in America
James Hunt Poor in England 1853
James Hunt Poor in England 1853

Ellen Flynn Jerry Lynch Reenachappil Denis Carthy Glenloch Being poor in Bantry Poorhouse 1853

William Johnson William Goggin Daniel Minihane both Carrigboy
Daniel Hartigan Poor farmer 1853 no place of residence

Glebe (Clashadoo)
Jehr. Hayes John Dukelow Ahagouna Philip Spelane Lady’s Well 1853 being poor resides in Murreagh
John Carthy Poor resides 1853 in Drimoleague

Mary Regan Tom Baker Moulamill Michael Stanley Carrigboy Dead 1853
William Scott Maurice Brien Droumreagh Jerry Sullivan Ahagouna A poor man died 1847
Morty Donovan John Daly Rossnacaheragh James Brenan Moreigh Dead 1853
Daniel Holland Thomas Baker and Thomas Baker Moulamill Dead 1853

Mary Connell Daniel Carthy Glenloch Dead 1853
Timothy Connelly Not resident 1853
Daniel Whollehane Dead 1853
Denis Carthy (Down)

Daniel Lannin or Laurin 1853 a farmer in middling circumstances
James Harrington Dead 1853
John Driscoll Dead 1853
Daniel Carthy Not resident 1853
Patrick Donovan Not resident 1853

John Murphy William Pattison Moulamill Frank Hunt Droumreagh A poor blacksmith 1853

Michael Gallagher John Moss Carrigboy James Dukelow Crottees 1853 a poor shoemaker

Lady’d Well
Philip Spelane 1853 not in good circumstances a poor farmer

James Brenan Was a poor farmer in America 1853

Moulemill or Moulemill
William Pattison Patrick Donovan Caolta Michael Wholahan Rossnacaheragh A poor man in England 1852
Tom Baker Daniel Whollahan Glenloch Tom Baker Moulimill A poor farmer now in America
Richard Pattison Tom Baker Moulaimll George Varian Rooska Poor farmer dead since 1847
Susan Levis Daniel Holland Glenloch William Pattison Moulamill A poor woman 1853 in service with Rev. A. Evanson in Gearhameen
Corn Mahony A poor man in England 1853

William Johnson (Rossmore crossed out) Timothy Daly Denis Connolly both Rossmore 1853 living in Clashadoo

Jerry Lynch Poor farmer died in 1847


Timothy Sullivan Timothy Driscoll Rossmore Daniel Hartigan Gerameen Dead since 1847
Norry Sullivan John Small Rosnacaheragh A poor woman in England 1853
Michael Donovan William Pattison Moulimill John Carthy Glebe Not resident 1853
Tom Foley 1853 a poor tailor
John Small Poor man dead since 1847
Michael Wholehane 1853 in America

John Patison John Dukelow Ahagouna A poor labourer dead since 1847
James Callaghan A poor man dead since 1847
Timothy Driscoll A poor labourer in England
Timothy Daly A farmer 1853 in middling circumstances
Edward Attridge A poor farmer in America
Denis Connelly Not resident 1853

Richard Varian Edward Attridge Rossmore Jerry Mahony Cummachree A poor farmer dead since 1847
John Murphy Dead since 1847
Timothy Driscoll Dead since 1847
George Varian Poor farmer in America 1853

Vincent White Poor 1853

Timothy Coghlan A poor man gone to America

Upper Glen
Rich. Hunt Timothy Connolly Glenlock John Canty Clashadoo 1853 resides in Kilcrohane bring poor