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For post on Freke- Evans estates


Another survey of the Shuldham Estate in Dunmanway in the general area was done in 1801-3 possibly for raising a mortgage on the estate.


A surveyor Thomas Sherrard prepared maps of the estates of Sir John Freke-Evans including Ballycomane in Durrus which map was done in 1788.  In the mid 1500s the Ballycomane lands came into the possession of the Coppinger family by way of mortgage from the McCarthys and were still Coppinger lands at the time of the Down Survey 1660s.

The Map divides the townland into

West  210 acres  arable and mountain pasture

Middle 266 acres arable and pasture

Lisheen 305  acres  arable and mountain

Mountain 318 acres coarse mountain

East 213 acres arable and mountain

The owners of nearby townlands are given

Glenlough, Moulivard and Clonee Hugh Hutchinson.

West Clonee Arthur Hyde (probably of Castlehyde House, Fermoy now house of Michael Flatley).

James Bernard Carrighvoy, Dromtineheen Crutee


Eviction Timothy Harrington 1887s:

Ballycomane was the scene of a notorious eviction by the Trustees of Lord Carbery in the 1880s, this was raised by James Gilhooley the Bantry based MP in the House of Commons, London.