From Diaries of Ireland, an anthology, 1590-1987, Meliosina Lenox-Conyngham, Lippiput 1998.  This extract is from the diary of Nicholas Marshal Cummins 1783-1838, he was a Cork merchant.

7th November 1814

From 7 o’clock yesterday morning till noon the Mass House bells kept tinkling almost perpetually, to my great annoyance.  It is a novelty in this city (Cork) and may do much mischief.  I console myself whilst I repeat the 79th and 80th Psalms, and hope the long dormant zeal of of Protestants will at length be aroused.

8th May 1820.

A PANIC beyond example in our memory has been struck into the minds of the trading community of Cork and the South of Ireland by yesterday’s events namely the failure of Roche’s Bank at 12  o’clock, followed almost immediately by that of Leslie’s Bank.