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Arthur Wellesley 1769-1852 journeyed from Bandon to Bantry to inspect defences.  He is credited with the phrase  re nationality  ‘that because a man is born in a stable that does not make him a horse’, in fact this was probably said by Daniel O’Connell.  His paternal grandfather was Richard Colley of an old English or Gaelic family of origin who had conformed to the Established Church.  The grandfather had taken the name of a childless relative Wellesley.

This extract if from the grand Tour of Cork, Cornelius Kelly. Cailleach Books, 2003.

28th (Summer) 1806 set off at half past six and arrived at Bantry and half past four – and very bad road and miserable country after you pass Dunmanna (Dunmanway) – got a boat and went to look at Whiddy Island and the fortification construction there – the island is of greater extent then I had imagined and the formation of it makes it more difficult the I had thought- though the forts are properly placed yet I do not think it has been a wise measure to destroy the battery on Horse Island