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A View of the Bay of Bantry upon the S.W. part of Ireland 38.b


Artist : Unknown


Date: [1700]   c.1700

Geographic coverage: -9.700000, 51.633331

Bantry Bay

Type: StillImage |    Topographical Drawing |

Subject: Bantry Bay, Cork, ireland |    George III, 1760-1820 — Art collections |   710 |

Relation: King George III Topographical Collection. Collect Britain

Description: View of Bantry Bay in Ireland. Richard Pococke (1704-1765) an Irish traveller, wrote the following words about Bantry Bay, when he journey there in 1758, ‘The bay as far as we could see it, lock’d in by the land, appear’d like a long lake, with beautiful Islands in it, fine small bays which they call coves and well cultivated heads of land making into it, and within them, small hills under corn, and all bounded by very high rocky mountains, at a proper distance, altogether making the most pleasing and with that the most awful sight that can be imagined. At the bottom of the South east Cove of this bay of Bantre, the town of Bantre is situated, which tho’ small is the best on the coast to the west of Kingsale.’