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2016 refurbished Durrus Court to original c 1820s.  Replaced the earlier Evanson use of Coolnalong (McCarthy) Castle nearly.



This journey was undertaken by John Windle, Antiquarian and Fr John Ryan Parish Priest of Drimoleague to Durrus (Four Mile Water) to the house of Alleyn Evanson now known as Durrus Court.  Father Ryan lived in Butler’s Gift (Drimoleague).  John Windle was later involved in what is now University College Cork.

Father Ryan together with Father Quin of Durrus, Father Dore of Caheragh, adn Father Dohenry of Dunmanway were from a number of Tipperary priests seconded to the Diocese of Cork. Father Quin commenced the parish register in Durrus and built the Church and school.  Al were highly active politically.

The Reverend Alleyn Evanson was an unbeneficed clergyman and was a Middleman on an estate rented by the Evanson family from the Bandon Estate c 1720 which at that time they had sold to Francis Bernard of Bandon. The Bandon Estate recovered possession c 1850.

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The McCarthys referred to are the McCarthy Mucklaghs former occupants of the nearby castle still extant.  They had an earlier castle at Scart just off the Bantry/Cork road about 2 miles from Durrus Cross.