These details have been taken from the Muintervara church records and in a small number of cases from the records of St. James.  Part of Coomkeen at the southern en dis the sub townland of Scrahán na Muice (hiding place of the pigs) occupied by the Dukelow family.  Their ancestors probably arrived c 1840s from Crottees it is not possible to say who the previous tenants were although the present farm is an amalgamation of a number of a number of smaller holdings..

Ellen Burke daughter of Daniel and Ellen Goggin, emigrated to Boston married Murphy from Cork. Ons son became a priest, two policemen of those one was involved in the Boston Policeman’s strike in 1919 and with all the others was dismissed. One if not two of her sisters emigrated to Boston and became nuns.

 Parents  Child Sponsors 
John Burke and Ellen Sullivan Thomas 16th August 1831 David Hartigan Anne Sullivan
Thomas 16th August 1831 David Hartigan Anne Sulllivan
Daniel Hurly and Margaret Driscoll Michael 8th May 1828 Morty Mahony Mary Harrington
Thomas Harrington and Ellen Carthy Thomas 22nd April 1824 Thomas Ferguson Mary Sullivan Counquin
Timothy Bryan and Catherine Sullivan James 29th May 1823 Denis Croneen Judith Sullivan
Timothy Gallavan and Margaret Sullivan Timothy 28th July 1821 Jereemiah Sullivan Honora Neil Quinquin
James 10th May 1823 Denis Croneen Joanna Sullivan
Judith 2nd May 1826 James Mahony Mary Whooly
Catherine 10th November 1829 John Croneen Catherine Carthy
Denis Burke and Catherine Rearden Jeremiah 25th March 1832 Denis Whooly Catherine Burke Coonquine
Timothy 5th April 1835 Timothy Mahony Mary Readen
John 1st March 1828 Daniel Burke Catherine Houlahane
Jeremiah 25th March 1832 Denis Whooly Catherine Burke
Timothy 5th April 1835 Timothy Mahony Mary Rearden
John Burke and Ellen Scully Julian 15th June 1822 Denis Burke Catherine Burke Concun
Hanora 1st August 1825 Jeremiah Sullivan Joanna Hartigan Coongeen
Julian 15th June 1822 Denis Burke Catherine Burke
Daniel 7th May 1828 Thomas Scully Ellen Magratath
Mary 30th March 1835 Daniel and Catherine Sullivan
Jerry Burke Margaret Goggin Mary Burke 26th December 1859 John Burke Mary Burke
Ellen 16th December 1860 James Mahony Mary Sullivan
Jerry 26th December 1864
Jehr 1 June 1870 John Mahony Mary Carty
Daniel Burke and Mary Goggin Daniel 17th May 1867 Con Regan Mary Burke Yankees
Mary Burke 19th March 1871
Mary 12th December 1869 Daniel Burke Anna Mahony
Ellen 16 December 1860 James Mahony Mary Sullivan
Members of this family emigrated to Boston, two became nuns one became as assistant to church in Washington University.  One of the other sisters married in Boston Murphy from Cork tow of the sons became policemen.  Oe organised the Boston policemen strife in 1919 for which he was dismissed and never worked again.
Timothy Lucy and Judith Burke Catherine Lucy 2nd January 1841 Denis Burke Mary Burke Coonqueen
Jas Mahony and Catherine Burke Daniel Mahony 5th September 1852 John Burke Julia Burke Coonqueen James and Catherine married 3rd February 1842 witnesses Jojn and John Burke
Jas 12th November 1854 Mahony Cath Burke
Jehr 29th April 1857 Timy Burke Mary McCarthy
Cath 22nd November 1850
Thomas 29th March 1862 Thomas Burk Mary Goggin
Daniel Wholehan and Julia Carthy Julia 13th February 1870 Michael Carthy Julia Wholehan
David Hartigan and Catherine Harrington David Hartigan 1st November 1825 Jeremiah Sullivan Jane Croneen
John Burke 14th July 1868
Julia 14 April 1868 James Mahony Mary Sullivan
Patrick Horrigan and Mary Mahony Ellen 24th June 1836 Denis Burke Mary Horrigan
Jane 28th August 1839 Daniel Horrigan Ellen Neill
James Sullivan and Catherine Bourke James 28th May 1820 Daniel Sullivan Mary Mahony Quinquin
John 18th April 1822 Thomas Ferguson Grace Ferguson
Patrick 22nd May 1824 Denis Sullivan Ellen Scully
Denis 20th November 1825 Richard Fergusson Catherine Fergusson
Daniel Sullivan and Honora Neil Daniel 22nd September 1823 Jeremiah Neil Margaret Neil Cenquin
Randal Donovan and Honora Wholey Hanora 5th May 1839 Michael Donovan Catherinea Wholey
Timothy Minihane and Mary Lynch Margaret 6th August 1837 Daniel Croneen Mary Wholey
Timothy Sullivan and Johanna Coakley Margaret 6th August 1837 Jeremiah and Judith Sullivan
Margaret 25th January 1840 Patrick and Bridget Coakly
John Connor and Johanna Daly Mary 24th February 1833 Patrick and Mary Connor
Hanora  1st March 1835 James and Johanna Connor
Michael Downy and Mary Callaghan Michael 6th August 1836 Michael Coghlan Mary Hartigan
Ellen Mahony 2nd March 1848
Julia  Mahony 28th January 1860/
Michael Downing and Sarah Callaghan Eliza 24th March 1872 John Hartigan Maria Foley
William Ferguson and Mary Calnan Thomas 3rd August 1832 William and Catherine Ferguson
Mary 17th October 1833 Robert Ferguson Bridget Callinan
James 8th February 1839 Richard Quinn (PP)  Denis Flynn
Robert Fergusson and Mary Callahan 8th February 1839 Thomas Fergusson Johannh Cullahan
Catherine 17th April 1836
John 15th August 1838 Thomas Fergusson Ellen Kingston
James 20th October 1845 Thomas Attridge Grace Fergusson
James Fergusson 17th April 1836
Thomas Fergusson and Mary Calnan Mary 17th October 1833 Robert Fergusson Brigid Callinan Two brothers married to two sisters?
James 8th February 1839 Richard Quinn (PP) Mary Sullivan
Thomas 3rd August 1832 William and Catherine Fergusson
Mary 17th October 1833 Robert Fergusson Brigid Callivan
Daniel Sullivan and Mary Mahony Bridget 4th May 1826 Timothy Mahony Elizabeth Ferguson
Hanora 24th March 1821 Jeremiah Whooly Catherine Burke
Johanna 5th August 1828 Thomas and Catherine Fergusson
Bridget 4th May 1826 Timothy Mahony Elizabeth Ferguson
Jeremiah Houlahan and Judith Croneen Mary 9th December 1827 Jeremiah Ryans Margaret Ryans
Margaret 17th March 1833 Jeremiah Croneen Anne
Hanora 15th April 1838 Patrick Croneen Ellen Murphy
Catherine Driscoll Houlahan and Ellen 1st August 1826 John Houlahan Mary Croneen
James Sullivan and Catherine Burke John 18th April 1822 Thomas and Grace Fergusson
Denis 20th November 1825 Richard and Catherine Fergusson
William 29th February 1828 William and Grace Fergusson
William 29th February 1828 William Ferguson Grace Ferguson
Margaret 21st October 1829 Jeremiah Sullivan Mary Sullivan
Denis Carthy Ellen Sullivan Denis 8th June 1834 Daniel Hurly Margaret Carthy
Catherine 12th March 1836 Jeremiah Carthy Ellen Mahony
Michael 20th December 1842
John 14th August 1829 John Stanley Mary Hurley
Jeremiah 25th August 1832 Denis Burke Mary Sullivan
Daniel Croneen Mary Whooly John 17th June 1825 Thomas Scully Mary Croneen
Stephen 8th June 1829 Jeremiah Wholly Jane Croneen
Judith 23rd May 1831 Daniel Hi-Lahan Jeremiah Sullivan
Cornelius 16th December 1833 Denis Burke Hanora Wholy
James Whooly and Hanora Driscoll Johanna 3rd July 1826 Michael Whooly Catherine Whooly
Daniel 6th August 1823 Jeremiah Sullivan Honora Whooley
James Whooly 1827
Denis Whooly Catherien Holohan Catherine ?
James 6th July 1827 Jeremiah Holohan Mary Houlahan
Joanna 20 March 1825 Johanna Sullivan Denis Wholy
Peter Carthy 11th September 1854
Jerry Whooly and Mary Moynihan James 7th December 1866 Denis Wholehan Ellen Sullivan
Johanna 5th April 1862 James Whooly Hanora Sullivan
Daniel Croneen and Mary Whooly Margaret 3rd August 1827 Denis Croneen Catherine Whooley
Denis Whooly and Catherine Houlahan James 6th July 1827 Jeremiah Houlahan Mary Houlahan
John Croneen and Elizabeth May Nancy ? Denis Harrington Nancy May
Nancy 24th April 1824 Denis Harrington Nancy May
Ellen Croneen 2nd September 1825
Jeremiah Spillane and Mary Whooly Brigid ? Daniel Hurley Jane Daly
Denis Croneen and Jane Carthy Stephen 18th March 1822 Timothy Splane Hanora Shea
Eugene Carthy and Margaret Dillon James 21st August 1823
Catherine 19th November 1826 Luke Canty Ella Ferguson Check if Coomkeen
Daniel Croneen and Mary Harrington John 30th October 1845 John Croneen Bridig Croneen
John Hoolahan and Brigid Driscoll Jehr 23rd January 1851 Dl Driscoll Margt Hoolahan
William Grady and Mary Burke John 28th February 1839 Patrick HayesJudith Burke
Michael and Ellen Carthy Denis 6th November 1838 Murthy Sullivan Mary Croneen
Sullivan Hanora 24th March 1821
Wooly Mary  24th March 1821
John Connor and Elizabeth May Catherine 20th June 1821 Michael Sullivan Joanna Holahan
Daniel Croneen and Judith Mahony Cornelius 12th August 1822 Timothy Croneen Mary Croneen
Daniel Hollahan and Honora Holahan John 15th November 1822 John Holahan Mary Hayes Conquin
Margaret 15th May 1824 William Sullivan Catherine Holohan
Mary 20th December 1827 John Canty Catherine Sullivan
Ahagouna (Ath na Gamhn: crossing place of calves after stepping stones)
Timothy Scully and Ellen McGrath Thomas 6th February 1827 Thomas Scully Anne Daly Ahequanna
Mary and Hanora 3rd July 1831 David Hartigan Hanora Wholey for Hanora Daniel Lucy Catherine Wholy
Daniel Mahony and Mersy Pierre (Pier) Huguenot, The Mahony family either originated i Ballyourane, an came with the Crowleys c 150 from there Caheragh of in the Carrigmanus area John Charles King Mary Carty Abaghamhna
Bridgt 19th December 1858 Ellen Dukelow John Mahony
Martha 18th October 1870 Frances Dukelow Isaac Johnson
Catherine 14th October 1866 John Mahony Nano Mahony Listed for Carrigbui
Daniel 27th May 1869 Florence Mahony  Ellen Mahony Listed for Carrigbui
Eliza 22nd December 1860 Thomas Burke Johanna Sullivan
Jeremiah Sullivan and Anne Caverly Jeremiah 1st January 1835 Daniel Sullivan Ellen Sullivan Ahyguanna
Mary 1st November 1828 Michael Caverly Brigid Barnam
Anne 30th January 1839 Timothy Sullivan Judith Shea
Catherine 22nd January 1837 William Casey Bridget Connor
Daniel Sullivan 9th June 1827 Andrew Caverly Ellen Magrath Mother down as Conoly
John 24th June 1830 Denis Sullivan Honora Ford Mother down as Nancy
Jeremiah 1835 Daniel and Ellen Sullivan
Jeremiah 24th March 1833 Timothy Sullivan Johanna Coakley
Jeremiah 24th April 1833 Timothy Sullivan Johanna Coakley
John Dukelow Ellen Murphy (or Murray).  The Dukelow are of Huguenot descent.   He is probably from Crottees.  His descendant in London 1860 involved in Fenians with Swantons and Hurleys from Durrus.  He died of cholera Robert 30th July 1854 Mary Carthy John Dukelow shoemaker local loans reproduction fund[1]
Charles 6th January 1853 Norry Smyth Daniel Swiney
John 12th November 1850 Norry Smyth
Timothy 16th September 1836
Michael and Jane Caverly Andrew 26th January 1831 Thomas and Elizabeth Fergusson
Richard Caverly[2] and Susan Regan Anne 8th August 1836 Henry Caverly Anne Regan
Richard 27th June 1839 Timothy Sullivan Brigid Donovan
Ann 1836 Henry Caverly AnneRegan
Jehr Sullivan 2nd September 1833
John Carthy 28th June 1863
Denis Whooly 7th February 1831
Michael May and Catherine Kelleher Thomas 15th March 1837 John Carthy Johanna Allen
John Bohane Honora Sullivan Judith 17th June 1825 Cornelius Holohan Joanna Sullivan Ahequanna
Judith 17th June 1825 Cornelius Holohan Joanna Sullivan
Thomas Scully and Anne Moss Ma-Ge 1st December 1834 John Moss Mary Hegarty
Thomas 29th November 1837
Denis 23rd  February 1843
Mary 1st April 1830 Denis Wholey Joanna Harrington
Timothy 16th September 1836
Helena 22nd June 1832 James Hartigan Hanora Lucy
Ma-ge 1st December 1834 Elizabeth Coghlan John Moss
Anne 14th January 1840 John Moss Mary Hagerty
Tomothy Sullivan and Ellen McGrath Anne 5th February 1829 Patrick McGrath Mary Magerty
Daniel Wholy and Judith Sullivan Joanna 15th January 1822 Denis Wholy Joanna Sullivan Akaguana
Mary Scully 1st April 1830 No parents listed Ahyraenna
Denis Whooly and Mary Croneen Denis 7th February 1831 Denis Wholy Catherine Whooly Atugunna
Brigid Houlahan 15ht March 1830
Daniel Holohan and Mary Mahony Denis 10th January 1831 Timothy Mahony Ellen Neil
Jeremiah Sullivan Brigid Croneen Mary 22nd August 1832 John Croneen Margaret Cronen
Anne 4th January 1840 John Moss Mary Hagerty
John Spillane Honora Murnane Michael 9th September 1832 David Carthy Anne Shanahan
Ellen 8th June 1834 Peter Spillane Margaret Carthy Listed for Coomkeen
Ellen 8th June 1834 Peter Spillane Margaret Carthy
Timothy Brien and Catherien Sullivan Timothy 7th May 1833 Daniel and Mary Croneen
William Johnson and Sally Sullivan Mary 18th March 1834 Thomas Scully Ellen Magrath
Catherine 20th July 1838 Denis Kenedy Mary Ferguson
James 16th December 1840 Richard Adams Margaret Croneen
Timothy Scully and Anne Glissane Cornelius 12th August 1834 Thomas Scully Ellen Driscoll
Michael Shea and Catherine Kelleher John 8th October 1834 Jeremiah Sullivan Ellen Banfield
Timothy Sullivan Joan Coakly Daniel 1834 William Coakly Catherine Croneen
Daniel Hurly and Catherine Mahony Ellen 23rd December 1834 Daniel Carthy Julia Donovan
Thomas Sullivan and Anne Moss Thomas 29th January 1837 Timothy Sullivan Martha Moss
Denis Wholey and Hanora Minihane Denis 27th July 1839 John Barry Johanna Wholey
John 4th May 1836 Timothy Scully Mary Wholey
Denis 27th July 1839 John Barry Honora Manihane
Denis Wholey and Hanora Murphy Johanna 22nd July 1833 Denis and Catherine Wholey
Patrick Lamb (Durrus Glebe) Mary 1825 St James records Married Richard Roycroft 31 (father William farmer) both widowers painter and glazier Schull her father labourer
John Connell Anne Married James Lamb Ahagouna widower 1845 St James
William Bevil (Durrus Glebe) Anne 1848 St James records married 1869 James Kingston 26 Coolanure St Edmonds father farmer Samuel own father farmer
Richard Paul and Catherine Grimes 5th November 1840 Daniel Donovan Jane Grimes

[1] According to the local loan reproduction fund records he borrowed £2 on the 26th October 1846, secured by Charles Dukelow and Thomas Daly, Rossmore.

[2] Married 29th June 1833, witnesses John Quin Patrick Arkins, Muintervara