West Cork History

1656. Petition of The Following, ‘That Daniell O’Donovand als O’Donovane of Curraghnylickey, Most Knew Him before 1641 Rebellion, as a Civil Honest, and Quite Gentleman’, Samuell Browne, Edward Renys, Edward Clerke, Francis Barnett (Mark) Mathew Perrott, Amos Bennets, Robert Osborne, Dermod O’Mahowby, Samuel Skinner, William Holcombe, Thomas Attridge, Barnabe Witcherly, Der. Coughlan, Will Corlless, Thomas Recraft (Roycroft), Mathew Sweethman (Sweetnam), Geyles Smith (Mark), Timothy Coughlane, Ja? Base, Abel Marshall, John Vallyes (mark), Ralph Fuller, Teig Has (O’Hea?), Phippip Ottrrydge (Attridge), John Baily, John Abbott, Philip Madoxe, Rowland Neild, William Ottrydge (Attridge), Thomas Hungerford, Samuel Poole, James Dyer, Richard Nobbs, John Chamberlen (Mark), Bart Philpot, Richard Skines  (Skuse?) (Mark), Henry Abbott (Mark), Richard Chambers (Mark), Thomas Duggen.

Curraghnylickey, in Drinagh

There is a further certificate dated 1661 from Henrie Becher testifying that Daniel O’Donovan was civil to all English of the Chief Gentry. At his burial he was poor, there was…

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