This is the Grant to Sir Walter Coppinger of the former McCarthy Cloghane lands mainly around Caheagh.  The McCarthys took a mortgage from Coppinger, defaulted and he went into possession.  He engaged in surrender and re grand and acquire title in 1616.  Unfortunately for him be backed the wrong horse in 1641 and the land was forfeit.  A large part became the Evans, Lord Carbery estate in the 18th century.

  1.  XVI – 35,Patent 13, Grant from King James 1 of England to Sir Walter Coppinger, Esq., Cork City as Assignee of Sir James Semple, Co. Cork, In Barony of Carbery, The Castle, Townland,  Cloghan, otherwise Cloghan-Igaragh 3 Ploughlands,  at Ballycomane (Durrus) Half or Two Thirds? Ploughland, at Ballyourane (Caheragh), 3 Ploughlands at Clonecuggir (Caheragh), Lishearhigh, otherwise Lishorierigh and Inshinecottagh, 3 Ploughlands, Cullinagh, Gortdromagh, Maulenebagalshie, and Clonkine, 3 Loughlands 3 Gneeves, Adergole Cloghbooley Dirrileigh and Shrilane 3 Ploughlands, Lisclaraghmore, Lisclaraghbeg and Corriboly, 3 Ploughlands, Marrahen, Lands of  Kilefane,  Kilecloghan, Maelodama, Ballytony, Cregg and Droumbeg, 2 Ploughlands and 9  Gneeves, Lands at Dirrinyvaldane otherwise Dirrinvalane, Glannyroweregh, Killineleigh, Rine, Ballyvirine, Meole otherwise Neoale, Cowrinowhoige or Cowricowhig, and Ballingeornigh, 6 Ploughlands and 2 Gneeves, Lands at Rinecoolcusky, 3 Plouglands Half of Island, Town and Lands At Inishdrisdriskell, 5 and 3 Quarter Ploughlands, Half of the Island or Town of East Inishcame, 5 and 3 Quarter Ploughland, Half of the town or ploughland of Lishenrie otherwise Lishirie 1 ploughland, Half of Rinenysinnagh half Ploughland, Half of Kilasartalaghta, or Kilflaragh otherwise Kilsarlaghtie 1 Ploughland in Colihbeg, half of Leighclone, Kiockcullen, and Moninefarny, 3 Ploughlands, Half of Rathquine, Half Ploughland, Half Ploughland of Letterskanlon otherwise Litterskanalane, 1 Ploughland, Half of Shronekineagh otherwise Shroneskinnch, Half of Rinmoroghow, Half of Moughneglough,  Each 1 Ploughland, Half of Moughnaghbane half Ploughland of Colhibeg, Half of the Half Ploughland Called Torke, Half of the Half Ploughland Pollenecally, Quarter of the Poughland of  Lyshinyeghtragh all in Colhibeg, in Rinegreny, 2 Ploughlands, lying in Clanloughlin, Cloghamore 2 Ploughlands at Clantiegellen; Towghmaiche, 7 Ploughlands in Clanlaughlin, Balliwholachan, otherwise Balliwolighan, Knockwiganiff otherwise Knockanenaganiffe and Garran-Igriskin otherwise Garrenenygriskine 2 Ploughlands, Half Poughland, Coolenevarnoge otherwise Coolenyfaninge 2 Gneeves in Kinenleigh and 2 Gneeves in Ballyvirnie in Glanrowragh Out of Knockrodan otherwise Knockridane, Out of 5 Gneeves of Creg, Knockanemore and 4 Gneevees of Drombegg, 6 Ploughlands of  Barraghvilly, out of Aghagwihine, Ballicomane (Durrus), Cahir (KIlcrohane?) in Muintervara out of Ballyvorrrow, out of Ardagh, out of Oldcourt, out of Ballienard out of Glanfoine, out of Farreneocwise, out of Ballinegornaghnegneagh out of Kilneasclashie Maelbrack Laeterdaly, Reagcame, Cloghbooly, Carran, Cloghanmore Lissancrow, Kilnagrough, Lands Barreaghvilly 6 Ploughlands, Lissan otherwise Lishane and Bohernibridagh 3 Ploughlands, Aghill, 3 Ploughlands, Inshnynynaawe of  Inshinynawe, Killebeg, Killenleagh (Caheragh), otherwise Killinenyleigh, Cowlefarnoge, Coolenevaroge,  Ballyvikrine, and Knockridane, 3 Ploughlands, Knockanmore and  Cregg 1 Ploughland, and 3 Gneeves, In Litteertinlis otherwise Littermelis (Letterickey?) and Courenesen otherwise Corrinskin Castle 1 and a Half Ploughlands, Smoran 1 Ploughland, Saving to Donnnell McCarthy then in Kings keeping all Rents Due to his Ancestors

Ploughlands, Seisreaghs or Carrows, Tates or Ballyboes, Sessiaghs, Gneeves and Acres. The following is a Table showing these divisions: — 10 acres = 1 Gneeve. 2 Gneeves = 1 Sessiagh. 3 Sessiaghs = 1 Tate or Ballyboe. 2 Ballyboes = 1 Ploughland, Seisreagh or Carrow (120 aacres). 4 Ploughlands = 1 Ballybetagh or Townland 30 Ballybetaghs = 1 Trioca cead or Barony.

Patent 13, James 1.




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