Listed Subscribers to Pope’s Tribute, Parishes Bantry, Caheragh, Drimoleague, Durrus, Cork Examiner, 8th June 1860

This was to pay for the Irish Papal Brigade in the summer of 1860. What also marked these men apart was that they were not, by and large, trained soldiers, but rather worked as farmers, labourers and in the professions. A small percentage of them had rudimentary military training, while some had served in the British army. They also counted a small number of RIC men among their ranks. They were recruited to defend the Papal States from the forces of Italian unification.


To get an idea of money a teacher might have been earning £30-35 a year.

Some of the names are familiar from earlier politics and probably feature in the later Land War agitation and politics.


Very Rev. George Sheehan, £5

Rev. Michael Dealy £2

Rev. Michael Shinkwin, £2

John Piddell, Bantry, £1

Timothy McCarthy, Customs Gap, £1

Mrs. Mullins, Drumacoppul, £1

John Murphy, New Barrack Road, £1

William Clerke, Bantry, £1

James Wiseman, Senior, Skahana, £1

Thomas T. Curtayne, Bantry, £1

Joseph Kelly, £1

  1. Desmond, Solicitor, £1, wife Esther Jagoe probably Catholic her mother O’Connor, father John Jagoe, Liberal Protestant, Fishery Commissioner his mother Young of fish merchants.  Desmond daughter Sister Benignus, Australian pioneer of women’s education, Townsville
  2. O’Leary, Newtown £1

John E. Barrett, J.P., Carriganass Castle, £1, son in law of William O’Sullivan Esq., Carriganass Castle, , middleman, leading political figure, rack renting landlord

Donovan, Slip, £1

James Flynn, Caherdaniel, £1

A Friend, £1

Thomas Tobin, Whiddy ,£1, probably of Kilcrohane family close to Lord Bantry

Maurice Goggin, £1

William Sullivan, £1

Crowley, Tranamadree, £1

Mrs Lavers (Levis), £1

John Sullivan, Pound Lane, £1

Maurice Healy, may be of Tim Healy, M.P., Governor General, family

… Connell,  £1

A Friend, £1

Maurice Henegan, £10s

John Godfrey, 10s, may be of hotel and folly

Patrick Sullivan, Quay, 10s

Timothy McCarthy, Square, 10s

A Friend, 10s

Jeremiah Sullivan, Coortown, 10s

Anonymous, 10s

John Crowley, Dromclough, 10a

Patrick Leary, Inchicough, 10s

John Manning, Glounbane, 10s

John Costigan, Gortenroe, 1s

Thomas Dillon, Bantry probably of Clashadoo, Durrus family, Master of Workhouse? 10s

Jeremih Sheehan, 10s

Mrs Denis Sullivan, 19s

John McCarthy, Derryclough, 10s

Edward O’Sullivan, Breeny, Kealkil,  10s

Patrick McSweeny, John Brien, David White, Edward Wiseman, Comanoir, Thoms Wiseman, Droumloghlin, John Wholey, Droumcloch, John Harrington, Whiddy, A, friend, do, Denis McGrath, Lahare, Denis Cronin, Gortlochera, John Sullivan, Cahermonteen, John Harrington Shandrum, John Sullivan Richard  Sullivan, Ards, John Cronin, Inchiroe, Con. Hurly, Lisheens, Mrs Hurly do, Cornelius Sullivan, Blackrock Road, 5 s each

Jeremiah Callaghan, Ahill, 4s 6d, James Flynn, Mahanaclee, James Cronin, Leackariach, Richard Scully, Ards, Patrick Cronin, Cullinach, Mrs Connor, Kealkill Cross, 3s each

Michael Lynch, Droumafuff

John Casey, Lisheens, Patrick Murray, Derryfada, Patrick Sullivan, Ahill, Timothy Sullivan do., Michael Keohane, do, Mrs. Keohane, do., John Buckley, Kealkil, Mrs Cronin, Cullinach, Patrick Harrington, Droumlickroo, Cornelius Sullivan, Ahill, John Harrington, Mrs Hurly, Gortnacowlee, Denis Keohane, Cappanaboul, Patrick Cadogan, Dromloughlan, Daniel Manning, Carriganass, Cornelius Manning, Droummlickaroo, Timothy Harrington, Shandrum, Patrick Manning, Carriganass, Denis Sullivan, Drounduff, Mrs. Pattison, Cappanaboul, Mathew Sullivan, Kealkil, 2s 6d each

Given anonymously or in small sums, £17 os 3d


Rev. David Dore, P.P., one of four priests incardated from Tipperary to Dioceses of Cork inc. Frs. Quin Durrus, Doheney, Dunmanway, Ryan, Drimoleague all highly political,  school and church builders, introduced church registers. £5

Rev. James Cronin, R.C.C., £2

Carthy? McCarthy, 7s 6d

Mrs. William Ross, 6s

John Ross, John McCarthy, James Fitzgerald, Timothy Downing 6s each

Jeremiah Crowley, possibly Ballyourane, 4s

Patrick McCarthy, Denis Donovan, Jeremiah Donovan, 3s 6d each

Michael Crowley, Cornelius  McCarthy, Charles McCarthy, John O’Hea, Pat. McCarthy, James Barry, Owen Hourihan, William Sullivan, Patrick Leahy, Patrick Goggin (Goggins, Burkes, Barrets cluster of Norman names in locality), Jeremiah Daly, Charles Hegarty, (DNA traces the Hegartys Catholic and Protestant ot Derry/Donegal) Dan Leahy, Daniel McCarthy, Florence McCarthy, Owen Sweeney, John Hurley, John Aherne, James McCarthy, John O’Donovan, Cornelius McCarthy, Laurence Hanrihan, Patrick Hourihan, Owen Hanriahan, Denis Hurley, Widow McCarthy, Jeremiah Casey, James Neill, Daniel Driscoll, Daile Hanrahan, John Sullivan, Patrick Donovan, M. Kohane (Keohane), John Crowley, Denis Herleher, Andrew McGuire (families may have originated Fermanagh re weaving/linen), John Sullivan, Michael Sullivan, John Healy, Florence Driscoll, Peter Driscoll, Florence McCarthy, Denis Connell, Jeremiah Collins, Peter Donovan, Margaret Leahy, Toms McCarthy, Humphrey Driscoll. Widow M. Collins, Daniel McCarthy, Denis Hayes, Denis Donovan, John Crowley, Michael Coughlan, Bartholomew Buckley, John Sweeney. Owen Dealy, John Dealy, Widow Sullivan, Cornelius Kean, John Croneen, David Burke, Timothy Brien, Widow Donovan, Denis Murphy, John Cronin, Widow Croneen, Timothy Sweeney, Thomas Goggin, Timothy Crowley, Thomas Cotter, John Hurley, Timothy Driscoll. Patrick Neill, James Donovan,  2s 6d each, £9 10s 11d

Smaller sums, 310 13s

Total £30 3s. O.

Durrus and Kilcrohane

Rev. Patrick Flynn, P.P. £5

Rev.Thomas Palmer, C.C., £2

James O’Sullivan, £1, possibly shopkeeper

Mrs. O’Driscoll, 10 shillings

John Sullivan, Junior, John Sullivan Senior, Denis Sullivan, Richard Tobin (Kilcrohane), John  Wiseman, probaby Rooska,

Patrick Sheehy, 5 shillings each

Smaller sums, £16. 7. 0.


Rev. John D. Creedon, P.P  £5

Thomas E. Ross, £1

John Nyhan, 10s

Miss Honora Hinnegan, 10s

James Nyhan, John Hinnegan, 5 s each

John Neill, Andrew McCarthy, John Collins, Rick Regan, John McCarthy, Cornelius Donovan, 3s

William Hinnegan, David Hinnegan, Eugene Bower, James Keane, Jeremiah Swiney,

Jeremiah Driscoll, Daniel Donovan, Denis Brien, John Donovan, Mrs. Cahalane, John Sullivan, Michael Hurley, Denis Hurley, Denis Kelly. George Mahony, Jeremiah Mahony, Denis Collins, Cornelius McCarthy, Dominick Casey, John Leary, Tim Leary, Pat Crowley, Mr. Murphy, Patrick Brien, Paul Kingston, John Daly, Widow Mahony, Con. Keane, Patrick Crimeen, Samuel Kingston, Patrick Collins, William Driscoll, Rick. Donovan, Richard Evans, William Casey, 2s 6d each,-9.406746,12z?hl=en

1860. Listed Subscribers to Pope’s Tribute 1860, parishes of Bantry, Caheragh, Drimoleague, Durrus, West Cork.

These lists are often indicative of the local hierarchy as in the sitting in churches, the more affluent near the top.






Cork Examiner 08 June 1860




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