West Cork History

Possible connection between Tim Healy, (1855-1931), MP, King’s Counsel, Governor General and John Hely-Hutchinson (1724-94). lawyer, Statesman, Provost Trinity College Dublin, son Viscount Donoughmore, (if you gave John Britain and Ireland as an estate he would come back and look for the Isle of Man as a Potato Garden.


In the recollections of James Stanley Vickery written in Australia in the 1890s he describes growing up in the 1820s as an orphan with his grandparents in Molloch, in Durrus/Bantry. He refers to going as a child to Healy’s school in Bantry. Apparently a good teacher but put the fear of God into the children. Tim Healy was born in Bantry his father was master of the workhouse and his father a teacher who originated in Donoughmore. That makes Vickery’s teacher a candidate as Healy’s grandfather.


Like Healy John Hely grew up in Gortroe near Donoughmore in relatively humble…

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